Will Plantation Shutters Ever Go Out of Style?

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Plantation shutters are a window treatment that has been around for centuries.  While the use of shutters dates back in time well before the Greeks and Romans, plantation shutters are usually estimated to have been invented around 800 BC.  Though their popularity has waxed and waned over the years, they are currently enjoying a huge […]

Best Window Treatments to Block Out Las Vegas Noise

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When we think about window treatments, their light and noise blocking features likely are what initially come to mind. Many people may not even consider noise-blocking capabilities. Noises outside your home pose a major problem by interrupting peace, enjoyment, or a good night’s sleep. Plantation shutters absorb sound to create a sturdy sound barrier around […]

Window Treatments for Privacy and How to Choose the Best

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Privacy in window treatments is a significant concern for most people. Window treatments are a focal point of your interior design plan. They are the inward and outward portals to your home. The options are seemingly limitless when you look into ready-made and custom selections. Beyond pure aesthetics, it is important to consider things from […]

Complete Guide to a Modern Window Shutter

The study of anatomy is not limited just to future doctors or current barflies! Lots of inquiring minds study anatomy! And the most inquiring of them all tend to wonder about plantation window shutters! How are they put together?  We know window shutters cost more than blinds, shades, and some drapes. It only seems natural […]

Top 10 Modern Window Treatment Ideas

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Design and trend conscious homeowners always have their antennas up for emerging and converging trends. It is important to stay in style and to remain modern. Whether for pure personal enjoyment or to join together with peers, it is an important and comforting pursuit. Top 10 Modern Window Treatment ideas for 2022 1.Try Boho chic. […]

Tips When Purchasing Plantation Blinds vs Wood Shutters

When it comes to purchasing window coverings or treatments for the inside of your home, weigh the merits and demerits of blinds versus plantation blinds. How do they compare? Which is better? What should you look for when you decide to invest in shutters? Plantation blinds versus plantation shutters While the initial cost for installing […]

Plantation Shutters and Custom Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

After all, we can all agree one’s home is their castle.   When it comes to back doors on a lot of the homes across southern Nevada, it seems most of them are either sliding or French doors.Can plantation shutters be used on sliding glass doors? Homeowners intuitively assume that Plantation Shutters work on French […]

What makes plantation shutters the best style choice for 2022?

Now that the pandemic is moving into rear view and after months of being at home, you’ve discovered the true meaning behind the old saying that your home is your castle. You found a new respect and appreciation for the gorgeous home you spent so many years building. And you have come to realize that […]

Learn How Commercial Plantation Shutters Can Save Businesses Money and The Earth

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Save your Business Money with Commercial Plantation Shutters Your business means the world to you. You live and breathe it day and night. You started it to do things better than anyone else and to control your own destiny. We feel you! Because we’re in the same boat! We know you’re conscientious and concerned about […]

Are Shutters More Expensive Than Blinds?

Updating window treatments is the best decision you can make when you’re looking to revamp work or home spaces and want to avoid expensive remodeling prices. Bringing in new window treatments has many benefits and work for any and every room. From light control and elevated privacy to that fresh, brand new feel, instantly renovate […]