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7 Big Reasons to Upgrade Your Blinds or Shades

The majority of tract homes and even some custom builds in southern Nevada still have blinds and shades installed in them. At first, people usually defer to these two window coverings or treatments because they are relatively cheap and give some heat insulation and privacy. But are they preferred? Hardly!

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Tax credit for energy efficient shutters

Everything costs more! Tired of the constantly rising energy bills and trying to make ends meet? Everything keeps going up: groceries, gasoline, medicine, and there’s no end in sight. Nevada Energy will suck you dry but solar can burn you! Nevada Energy is constantly eating holes in you and even

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Best Buy Shutters Window Treatment Trends

Typically,year after year the options and styles for window treatments in homes, offices, and businesses remain fairly constant. But recent political unrest, coupled with an increase in crime, and what some say is a “getting soft on crime” stance in most major cities, the trends for window coverings arecurrently changing.

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How to clean your plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are some of the most versatile and preferred window coverings homeowners choose to use in Southern Nevada. That’s because they come with many different framing styles and their construction can be modified to accommodate thinner or wider slat widths, customized mounting equipment and hardware, and hidden or easy

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How to Pick Your Plantation Shutter Frames

Plantation shutters are universally appealing and used in upgraded homes and high-end offices. They are superior in looks, style, elegance, and adjustment for incoming light and heat. It is no wonder most upscale homes in southern Nevada prefer installing them. A huge benefit to plantation shutters is the wide selection

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