Sliding Door Shutters


Why should you consider Plantation Shutters for sliding doors?

Plantation shutters are great options for sliding glass doors. This is because they’re absolutely gorgeous to look at compared to the typical cheesy sliding glass doors. They insulate well and they symmetrically tie doors together with the shutters on the rest of the windows. They have a timeless, classical elegance that speaks of upscale style and taste. And when you carefully and competitively shop at stores like Best Buy Shutters you can find them very affordable. Whether you click “discount shutters in Las Vegas” or “shutters near me,” you will no doubt find us. Get great deals on high-quality shutters that add both privacy and real lasting value to your property. Plantation shutters make a bold and refreshing upgrade to the sliding doors of any Las Vegas home.

Unsightly sliding glass doors are all too common in homes throughout Southern Nevada. When discerning homeowners want to upgrade the look and style of their homes, plantation shutters are a great consideration!

They dress up glaring areas and add a touch of class and elegance that can be customized to match any décor. Plus, they’re easy to install and care for.

Read on to learn more about plantation shutters and how they enhance your Vegas home’s style, charm, and value.

Plantation Shutters give sliding doors everything you could want!

Plantation Shutters give sliding doors everything you could want!

Stylish look, durability, and total ease of use.

We custom build our solid shutters and install them directly onto your door frame. They will last as long as the doors themselves. Our High-Tech PolyCel® Sliding Doors have superior impact strength and are scratch-resistant. If you have frequent traffic in and out of your sliding doors, sliding shutters are a perfect choice. Our innovative Bi-Pass Sliding Door has a bottom glide system that keeps the Shutter panels together at all times with every movement.


Will Plantation Shutters fit my doors and how do I measure for them?

If you want your shutters to fit nicely and look uniform measuring is an important step that must be done with precision. Accurately measured the width, height, and depth of the opening, whether for a window or a door. Consider measuring for clearance of the required hardware and the type of mounting to be used. Steel tape measures are much more accurate than using cloth or some phone app. Watch for door hardware or other attachments that may require accommodation. You want to be able to open and close your shutters evenly and with ease. Additionally, you want to be able to open them up so that you can easily access the glass behind them for easy cleaning. If you’re having doubts you’re struggling about how to measure for your shutters, the easiest thing is to simply contact one of our design consultants for a convenient in-home, free of charge, visit. We’ll accurately measure everything for you, show you samples and options, and offer a visual catalog that shows actual installations in real homes.

Financing Available

Financing Available

18 Months To Pay With No Interest

Our financing makes it easy to have the window coverings you need now and you can pay over time. Your Best Buy Shutters Design Consultant will go over all options and help you through the entire process.


Plantation shutters offer a wide array of varieties and styles.

Depending upon the style of your home, whether contemporary, Mediterranean, or southwestern, There’s a wonderful selection I’ve shattered designs, styles, and widths to choose from. That wide variety is the reason plantation shutters are so incredibly popular. They add both style and function to any window. Homeowners tailor the look of their shutters to suit the shape and style of the home. Whether you’re looking for full length shutters that run from the top to the bottom of windows or cafe style shutters or something special such as tier on tier, Best Buy Shutters has you covered. Plantation shutters can be installed in every home to offer a truly and uniquely different look in atmosphere.

Plantation shutters add privacy, lasting value, and energy savings.

Plantation shutters add privacy, lasting value, and energy savings.

Shutters are installed as a permanent fixture in homes and thus they add roughly $200 in value to each window or door covered. In the homes for sale arena, when all other things are considered equal, homes with shutters on their windows are preferred and selected over homes without them. When it comes to privacy shutters seal tightly and securely. Additionally, their substantial construction helps insulate homes against temperature transference and reduce energy costs. Find out what thousands of other satisfied homeowners have already discovered; Best Buy Shutters are affordable, durable, and quickly manufactured and installed because our factory is located right here in Las Vegas.



We bring shutters, shades & blinds samples so you can shop at home. We will measure windows and give you and exact quote right then and there.