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7 Big Reasons to Upgrade from Blinds and Shades to Shutters

7 Big Reasons to Upgrade from Blinds and Shades to Shutters - Image
February 6, 2024

The majority of tract homes and even some custom-built ones either come with blinds or no window coverings at all. If you are in a home in need of window treatments or still using blinds and shades, here are the answers to 7 questions about why it is better to go to interior plantation window shutters.

1- Do plantation window shutters add style and elegance to homes?

Walk into any home with interior shutters and you will instantly feel the impression of style, grace, and elegance. Nothing says: “I care about my home and what you think of it” like shutters. They are obviously a step up from blinds and shades. Because they are permanently mounted and hand crafted, they speak to sustainability and upscale value.

They are crafted, sturdy, permanent installations. They are often designed to conform to or enhance the furniture and décor of the home. There are lots of choices to make in regard to the styling of them. Things such as flat or sculpted framework, thick or thin slats, hidden or obvious adjustment rods, sectionalized or one unified area of louvres, flat and flushed mounting vs boxed in.

2- Are shutters sturdier than blinds or shades?

Plantation shutters permanent pieces of furniture that are mounted to walls for the purpose of covering windows. They are furniture-crafted and professionally installed, so they add a lot more value to homes than shades or blinds. Real estate valuators typically add $75 to $175 for each window covered by them. When your home being competitively shopped against others, shuttered windows can be the deciding factors in your favor.

3- Do shutters survive kids and pets better than shades and blinds?

Shutters at Best Buy Shutters are made from the most durable proprietary formula you can get, PolyCel©. This proprietary blend is stronger and more durable than wood, aluminum, or other composite products used in the construction of shutters.

Your PolyCell© shutters will be around for as long as you live in your home; long after blinds have been bent, broken, and sent to the dump; and much longer than shades ever dreamed of surviving.

4- When compared to blinds or shades, do shutters offer better insulation?

shutters handily outperform both blinds and shades when it comes to providing insulation against incoming or outgoing heat and cold. Shutters close tighter and act as better barriers against temperature transfer. Additionally, their physical properties contain constant temperatures much better than flimsy shades or blinds. Because they can be flush mounted and built out around the windows, once closed tightly, they provide real air deadening spaces that can be custom designed to your preferences.

5- What window coverings provide the best privacy?

Shutters provide privacy and keep the prying eyes from passersby at bay. Blinds and shades leave wide gaps around their edges, so people can always get a peek in. And the slats used in blinds seldom close as tightly as those in shutters. With shutters, you won’t worry about strangers peering in while you are home with the kids or far away on an out-of-town trip. An added bonus is how superior shutters are for deadening sound as compared to blinds or shades.

6- Are shutters good at adjusting incoming light?

Shutters offer more and better control of incoming light and radiant heat than any other product. On cold and cloudy days, you throw them wide open and let in the warmth inside. On the other hand, when it’s a searing 100-degree day outside, tightly batten down the hatches and close your shutters tightly to close out the heat and create a shady, cool, interior.   

7- Which are the easiest to clean, blinds or shutters?

Because shutters are sturdier than blinds, they are much easier to clean. While blinds are flimsy and hard to dust, even the lightest vacuuming can bend the slats, shutters are stout. Occasional dusting is all they need. Just run a vacuum brush attachment over them, or dust with a light cloth. As for maintenance, compared to blinds, there is none. No cords, twist rods, or bent slats. No broken gears or sliding issues. Shutters are durable. 

Better made domestic shutters last as long as the homes they are in

Best Buy Shutters are the best of the best because they are manufactured and crafted right here in their very own Las Vegas factory. Never worry about getting flimsy products from overseas that you wait forever for. You never pay extra for shipping and handling. You never wait for supply chain issues.

When it comes to custom-crafted, affordable shutters check out the showroom at Best Buy Shutters.

Best Buy Shutters is conveniently located at 5720 South Valley View Boulevard or call them at 702.870-9000. Family owned and operated, no one other shutter company in the area manufactures their shutters here. Only Best Buy Shutters does that. Get premium quality shutters at affordable prices. No job is too big. No home is too small. No window is too high. No window is too tall.


Why do shutters cost more than shades and blinds?

Shutters cost more than shades and blinds because they are made to last and use more durable materials. Ideally, rather than hanging shutters yourself, get them professionally installed by a company who has their own employees doing the work. Though shutters initially cost more, you save money that would have been spent on buying replacements and paying higher utility bills.

Are shutters superior to blinds?

When it comes to better insulation properties, having a sense of style and elegance, keeping things private, and saving on utilities; shutters consistently outperform blinds. Shutters offer more customizable design features and options.  They are durable and last longer than blinds. And they are easier to clean and seldom, if ever, require any kind of maintenance.

Is there a local company that makes blinds in Las Vegas?

Yes. Best Buy Shutters manufactures all their blinds at a state-of-the-art factory on Valley View Boulevard in Las Vegas. There is a full-service showroom, as well and a complete design center there.

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