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Best Window Treatments to Block Out Las Vegas Noise

Best Window Treatments to Block Out Las Vegas Noise - Image
October 6, 2022

When we think about window treatments, their light and noise blocking features likely are what initially come to mind.

Many people may not even consider noise-blocking capabilities. Noises outside your home pose a major problem by interrupting peace, enjoyment, or a good night’s sleep. Plantation shutters absorb sound to create a sturdy sound barrier around your house without the need for ear plugs. They are solidly constructed and easy to operate. Whenever you experience unwanted noise, rest assured there are ways to mitigate that annoyance.

Sound waves are less likely to get through thick objects as opposed to thin ones.

That being the case, because high-quality interior shutters are significantly thicker than window blinds or fabric shades, they do a much better job of blocking out noises. The hardwood or extruded wood substitute of an interior shutter and the frame encasing the window are all very substantial. The hinged panels inside the frame are lined with louvers that can be angled up and outward to open or down and inward to close. They can be fully opened, tightly closed, or somewhere in between as desired.

Upon closing the shutter louvers and panels, the window is fully covered.

There are no large gaps to let in light or air or unwanted noise. Noise is effectively kept out. It is so helpful to be able to block outside sounds as you wish. Closed shutters provide that added quiet needed for uninterrupted sleep at night and for making important phone calls during the day. Having the freedom to enjoy your home in peace and quiet at any given time truly is a joy.

Ease of use sets interior shutters apart from other types of window treatments that block out noise. There aren’t any cords to get twisted and tangled. Nothing is up high or out of reach. Unlike shades or blinds, shutters remain permanently affixed in place and are handy to adjust. That kind of convenience is invaluable, particularly with something that you need to use day in and day out.

You have the power to create the environment of your choosing. Pulling louvered shutters open allows for full incoming sunlight and an unobstructed view to the outside. Swinging them closed and back into place provides window coverage for privacy, darkness, and silence. Play around with the shutter orientation to find what works best for your various activities. You may want to tilt the louvers open to allow some light in yet still benefit from noise reduction. You’re in charge. Light, privacy, and sound control are all at your fingertips.

Louvered shutters are outstanding all-around window treatment options.

They can be custom crafted to fit any window and work smoothly. That means you have no limitations. Whatever the window shape – arch, circle, rake, etc. – shutters can be made to fit those exact dimensions. Keep in mind that you also have your choice of durable materials. When taking into account the kind of wear and tear your shutters will have to withstand, consider various wood or faux-wood options. Heavy sunlight, high humidity, and harsh cold are some of the possible factors that play into decisions about the best way to go with this type of window treatment. Consult with the experts and you will have these beautiful and functional window coverings for many years to come. Without a doubt, you are sure to flip for our Las Vegas made custom shutters!

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