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With original ties to Ancient Greece, these window treatments evolved in modern times and continue to be one of the most popular choices for window coverings. Home and business owners in Las Vegas and across southern Nevada prefer them for battling off melting summer heat and for keeping homes and offices safe and protected. Plantation shutters are favorite window treatments to choose when wanting to dress up your living spaces or workplaces. Get full light and privacy control. Add to your home’s value. They are customizable to fit windows perfectly and to create beautiful new additions. Not only are they stylish, but they are durable and last up to 25 years. Make it feel like you just remodeled with a simple project of adding plantation shutters instead of doing a new and completely new window buildout. Consider plantation shutters to for a refreshing new look. They are the top choice for window treatments in homes and offices. It’s time to give your windows the love they deserve and upgrade.

Finding a treatment that fits your style is simple with Plantation Shutters. The large slats are versatile and offer a wide range of control for light. They are easy to use and don’t have annoyances like dangling cords or clothes catching handles on the fixtures that get in the way. Keeping powerful sunlight out and protecting your space is easy to do by closing the shutters upward. When shutters are closed up, you get ultimate privacy and good darkening. You might choose to let some light in while maintaining privacy by leaving the louvers slightly opened. Opening slats all the way allows you the ability to enjoy full natural lighting or expose your entire window to the joys of a beautiful day. Whether you keep them closed, cracked open a bit, or fully exposed, the versatility allows you to have the control and ambiance you most prefer.

Your home will make you feel like royalty when your windows have custom-made coverings that fit them and only them like a glove. When installed as permanent window treatments, the value of your property increases.

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New coverings put you in control of the mood in the room. Playing with them allows you to effectively light events and the activities going on. When you’re feeling bright and productive, let the light shine in. If it’s the weekend and you want to kick back and hibernate, shut everything out and close the place up. Let your mood guide you freely through your space. It’s your little sanctuary away from the outside world, so get it how you want it.

Help your home’s air conditioning system work less and become more efficient this summer. Although heat is deadly and expensive to ward off, it doesn’t have to seep into your cherished spaces because your new window treatments are energy efficient. They are sealed tightly against the window frame in a way to protect you from the super-heated outside air prying and trying to come in during summer or with the blasting winds of winter. You’ll keep the inside air from escaping out. Your world is cool in the summer and warm in the winter with energy-efficient coverings. Not only do they keep the season’s weather out, but they are the best option to reduce noise from pesky neighbors or raging street traffic. Noise-canceling treatments make things quiet and intimate, especially at night when your neighbors might have made other plans. Keep noise out by closing your shutters. Closing window coverings is equally fair when your extended family happens to come to town and gets extra rowdy.

Window coverings get exposed to their fair share of dust, sun, and temperature changes. Wear and tear are inevitable, but when you’ve got durable shutters from Best Buy Shutters, they will last longer. Keep them looking clean and brand new with just a little vacuuming and maintenance here and there. They’re built to withstand the sun’s wrath, so you’ll see little wear and tear or warping, even in humid environments. To keep things looking fresh, wipe them down lightly with a damp microfiber cloth, and then follow up with a dry cloth- a simple two-step process. Dust bunnies and allergens are easily kept out by using hard-surfaced shutters as opposed to drapes or blinds. Shutters also add another effective barrier to help prevent the outside from sneaking in. People with allergies who switch their window treatments to shutters report fewer symptoms and better overall in-home and in-office living conditions.

You probably have windows plenty of windows and you’ll find shutters work perfectly with them for any room while adding a nice touch of design and style.

Today’s modern homes, especially out here in the west, are filled with windows. There’s no doubt that everyone wants to make their houses feel more like homes. Windows with Plantation Shutters never go “out of style” and everyone wants them on their windows. The popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. They are timeless and go well with almost any interior design. The simplistic look does not detract from room furnishings and they add a nice touch of luxurious style. Your home feels welcoming to everyone with its new and inviting free-flowing air.




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It’s time to upgrade your windows and treat them as important as they are! When you invest in windows, your home will look and feel brand new for years to come. Our strong and durable Plantation Shutters are made to withstand the desert’s harshest climate while providing a stylish touch to  homes or offices. For years, Best Buy Shutters has been serving the greater Las Vegas community with quality window treatments designed to add charm and value to any space. Our shutters are made locally with Vegas residents in mind, so trust that we know how to match the appropriate quality to the climate.

Windows aren’t just holes in the wall and we don’t treat them that way. We care about your home, so let us dress up your windows with the best custom-made treatments available anywhere. When you are ready to control your space’s light, privacy, and noise, contact us for a complimentary in-home design consultation and ask about our free services. We know committing to new window treatments can be intimidating, that’s why we ease those stressors by walking every step of the way with you.

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