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Top 10 Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Top 10 Modern Window Treatment Ideas - Image
July 27, 2022

Design and trend conscious homeowners always have their antennas up for emerging and converging trends. It is important to stay in style and to remain modern. Whether for pure personal enjoyment or to join together with peers, it is an important and comforting pursuit.

Top 10 Modern Window Treatment ideas for 2022

1.Try Boho chic. It’s a great way to go retro-modern with your window treatments or covers. Boho seems to never go out of style. Boho is the cool term for Bohemian. It implies an eclectic style that combines hippie, earthy, and whimsical all together. It continues to morph over the years, and never goes totally out of style. It features multi-textures and uses a variety of mediums to achieve that Boho feel.  Picture, if you will, heavy almost knotted yarns in a variety of colors starting with stark white and working across a palette of only earth tones. When Boho incorporates fabrics, they feature frayed edges and a coarser weave, sometimes with faded colors.  Vision these being woven together with rustic wooden slats and you’ll get a good idea of what we mean by Bohemian treatments.

2.Go ultra-modern

Designers today are using very imaginative materials and incorporating them in window coverings. And they’re focusing on techno graphics and patterns. Today you’ll see people experimenting with components from plastics to light weight ceramics and laying them in patterns over windows.

3.Dramatic and bold colors always work 

New color selections work nicely to create a modernized feel. Vision sheer and sweeping side drapes of vivid purple crowned with a valance of scarlet. Whether the colors clash or mesh, it’s all about making color the central focus of the window treatment. This technique is most effective against walls that are painted off white, beige, light blue, or other muted, non-obtrusive colors.

4.Opposite colors attract

Speaking about colors, opposite colors attract. Think about accentuating windows by using opposing colors. Black paint on vertical window pieces contrasted with white horizontal pieces. The more clash the better: orange with black, yellow with red for example. You have to have a bold personality or a strong appetite for the unusual to tolerate daily living in such an environment.

5.Getting cornered is a good thing

Corner windows are opportunities for uniqueness. Drape or box them so the entire area is a vision of fabric with no visible walls between them. You might run the coverings from the ceiling to the floor.

6.Framing can make the difference

Departmentalize your window treatments by placing frames around them. Create geometric shapes like boxes and circles to create barrier elements and borders.

7.Use build-out techniques

Place plantation shutters over your windows. Or add window seats, interior planter boxes, or textured wall placards. Wall placards are accentuation pieces affixed around the windows. Place them alongside the window, above, or below. They can be constructed from shiny metal, textured acrylic, fabric baffles, or aged brass screening, for example.

8.Mix things up

Layer the elements on your windows. Consider combining woven shades with color complimentary side curtains with a valance that contrasts in texture and color.

9.Use modern geometric patterns

Every era shares certain shapes, graphics, and pictures. You can modernize your window coverings by taking these aspects into account. 2022 seems to be trending toward naturalism, meaning large tree and plant leaf patterns are popular. Non-primary hues are more prevalent, mostly in the pink and off-blue spectrum.

10.Try Zebra blinds

You have to be comfortable with horizontal designs before considering these.  These blinds use alternating grades of opacity fabrics to create lines of light or color patterns. Some people feel they’re modern, while traditionalists tend to not prefer them because they can feel confining and boxy-ish.

Which one wins?

Which one of the above will be the absolute top modern window treatment in 2022? Who knows, but one thing is for sure. You can’t go wrong when you contact the design specialists at Best Buy Shutters. They are on the cutting edge of emerging trends. They have a wealth of knowledge about preferred materials for composition. And most importantly, these people know how to massage everything together to bring your project into reality on budget. No hidden fees. No up charges. No unexpected surprises. You’ll get a guaranteed quote.

You win with Best Buy Shutters

Best Buy Shutters are manufactured locally. You don’t pay for shipping. You don’t get strung along by overseas supply chain issues. Affordable, fast, and easy. Best Buy Shutters makes your dreams come true.

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