How to clean your plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are some of the most versatile and preferred window coverings homeowners choose to use in Southern Nevada. That’s because they come with many different framing styles and their construction can be modified to accommodate thinner or wider slat widths, customized mounting equipment and hardware, and hidden or easy access adjustment rods. Additionally shutters […]

How to Pick Your Plantation Shutter Frames

Plantation shutters are universally appealing and used in upgraded homes and high-end offices. They are superior in looks, style, elegance, and adjustment for incoming light and heat. It is no wonder most upscale homes in southern Nevada prefer installing them. A huge benefit to plantation shutters is the wide selection and variety of modifications individual […]

What is the difference between interior and exterior plantation shutters?

Interior and exterior plantation shutters are basically the same product. The obvious difference is where they are mounted, inside or outside of the home. Exterior plantation shutters are found and used mainly in moderate tropical climates where winds and storms are minimal. You will not find them used in southern Nevada. Exterior shutters can oftentimes […]

How to Winterize Your Windows and Shutters in Las Vegas

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Our recent cold snap is a brisk reminder about how critical window coverings and plantation shutters are for keeping your home warm and cozy. These “holes” in our insulated walls are pathways for frigid open air trying to pry its way in and for internal heat seeking escape into the great outdoors.  Doors and windows […]

Correctly Layering Interior Window Treatments

Best buy shutters window layering example

When it comes to layering window treatments in your home or upscale office, you want style to meet art and create a seamless palate that flows and ties every room together. Whether you’re updating an existing home or creating new surroundings, here’s some priceless tips to help you correctly layer interior window treatments. Like a […]

Top 6 Different Interior Window Treatment Shutters and Designs

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Las Vegas homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to use blinds on their windows. Blinds are relatively functional for light and privacy and are inexpensive. Yet we all agree that they are dust traps, painfully hard to clean well, easily damaged, and about as attractive as a potato sack dress. These are probably the most popular choices for […]

Plantation Shutters Add Appraised Value to Your Home

What Is an Inexpensive Way to Add Lasting Value to My Home? If you have lived in southern Nevada through the heat of just one summer, you probably heard that adding a swimming pool to your home does little to increase its value. Installing a decent pool costs upward of $25,000, and that’s if there […]

Plantation Shutters and Custom Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

After all, we can all agree one’s home is their castle.   When it comes to back doors on a lot of the homes across southern Nevada, it seems most of them are either sliding or French doors.Can plantation shutters be used on sliding glass doors? Homeowners intuitively assume that Plantation Shutters work on French […]

Composite vs Real Wood Plantation Window Shutters

What is the best material for plantation windows shutters? Real wood shutters and vinyl shutters Originally developed to cut down on wind and drafts and to thwart rain and snow. At first they were crude, solid wooden boards affixed to the outside of homes. Sturdier than hides and woven fabric, the evolution of wooden shutters […]