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Best Buy Shutters Window Treatment Trends

Best Buy Shutters Window Treatment Trends - Image
April 21, 2023

Typically,year after year the options and styles for window treatments in homes, offices, and businesses remain fairly constant. But recent political unrest, coupled with an increase in crime, and what some say is a “getting soft on crime” stance in most major cities, the trends for window coverings arecurrently changing.

The three old standbys for window coverings continue to hold their lead. Those are Venetian blinds, rolling shades, and for those wanting a more upscale and elegant look,the ever popular plantation shutters.

After those 3 clear leaders, the trends for window treatments gets more volatile.

Security shutters

Concerns about security and safety have piqued consumer interest in rolling security shutters. While there is also a sector for security screens, most consumers seem to shy away from them. There are complaints about them blocking vision and making people feel claustrophobic. Accordingly, people tend to go with the solid metal shutters, opting to have them wide open or shut tightly and not having to deal with looking through heavy gauged screens.

Security shutters are finding favor in

  • high crime areas
  • vacation or second homes that sit empty a lot of the time
  • people who work during off times like swing shifts and come and go at odd hours
  • senior citizens

While security shutters have favorable reputations for deterring break ins and making people feel safer, they are aesthetically awful as they mount on the outside of the building above the windows. When they are the only things installed, your windows are still always open so people can see in. You’re going to have to install window coverings on the interior anyway. They are extremely expensive. They are difficult, if not impossible to mount on certain custom windows. They make cleaning the top area of windows difficult and are going to require ongoing maintenance.

Pleated drapes

We cannot really say they are making a comeback because they never really went away, but pleated window draperies are seeing a bit of a resurgence. It may be due to a move toward softer, warmer looks and fabrics fill the need. Costs for drapes are based on fabrics, hanging hardware, window sizes, whether they are side scrims or full window covers, and how far down the walls you want to go. Placing valances over the tops or adding side accents will increase costs. Traditionalists love them, while modernists hate them.

Matchstick shades

These woven wooden shades are for earth people on limited budgets. They are constructed with ultra-thin horizontal slats of natural wood, tightly woven together, and often featuring a top valance of the same material. They spice things up with a warm, natural element. These are terrific updates compared to standard rolling shades. With normal use they don’t require maintenance or deep cleaning. Occasional dusting or vacuuming should suffice.

The two biggest emerging trends for window coverings are automation and sustainability

Remote home management is all the rage

When people are not home, they still want to monitor and alter their heating/cooling systems, turn lights on and off, configure audio/visual/internet assets, handle security systems, and even adjust their window coverings. For some people, it may not be enough to electronically adjust their window coverings in their living rooms with handheld units. They want to change them from miles away at the office before heading home. Automated access by cell phone is growing exponentially.

Sustainability is a major buzz

Homeowners are seeking products that sustain the planet and damage it as little as possible. They are conscientiously avoiding products they feel harm Mother Nature, add to the carbon footprint, or deplete non-renewable resources.

Window covering manufacturing companies who can claim geo-conscientiousness and concern are winning more business.

Learn everything there is to know about trends

When you want to learn all the ins and outs about the fastest growing and most popular trends in southern Nevada window treatments, talk to the design consultants at Best Buy Shutters.

Plantation shutters are #1

By the way, plantation shutters remain the #1 choice for upgrading window coverings in homes across town. That’s because they

  • Upgrade your home décor with color and style
  • Get rid of your home’s old, outdated look and affordably refresh it
  • Ensure you enjoy privacy and the extra insulation shutters provide
  • Instantly transform any window no matter its size or shape

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