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How Do Shutters Protect Homes from Hot Las Vegas Summers?

How Do Shutters Protect Homes from Hot Las Vegas Summers? - Image
February 27, 2024

How bad are summers in Las Vegas? 

Summers in Las Vegas feel like blast furnaces. Whether new to the city or native born, there’s nothing like walking out of a well air-conditioned building or bouncing out of a car at high noon and into that shriveling summer heat. It feels breathable. Literally. We breathe in once and hold it because another breath might be our last. We exhale slowly, never breathing deeply again until we reach some sort of relief. Instead, we shallowly inhale and exhale, almost like slowly panting. We endure as best we can. 

Why do Las Vegans stay indoors during the summer? 

Many of us in Las Vegas spend summer daylight hours indoors because of the constantly high temperatures. We venture out only to run errands during early morning hours or well after the sun has set. The truly frail stay indoors as best they can for months, usually from mid-June through mid-September. 

How hot does it get in Las Vegas during summers? 

Look at these summertime average temperatures for Las Vegas:   

                            Month        High / Low  

                           June             102° / 61°    

                           July             107° / 67°   

                          August        104° / 66°    


and from mid-May through mid-September, you can expect to see triple digit temperatures any day. 

And when it comes to the highest summer monthly temps in Las Vegas, look at these!

                Month       Highest

                 June           117

                July             117

              August          116

The fact is that Las Vegas is the 3rd hottest metropolitan area in the nation. Phoenix being #1 and Yuma 2nd.
While Las Vegas summers can be hard on people, they are brutal on houses and buildings. Summer can be very uncomfortable for people until they have lived here a while and become acclimated. By the third summer, believe it or not, at 85° after the sun has gone down and there’s a light breeze a third-year resident will find themselves reaching for a light jacket and complaining. But what about our homes and windows? They unblinkingly confront unforgiving heat day in and day out, year after year. Heat that fades exterior colors, warps blinds, decimates shades, cracks stucco, and turns roof tiles to dust. And what about our windows? Our windows and doors never get to dip away from the searing heat either. 

The elements of summer heat are unrelenting in Las Vegas. 

And what is outdoors tries to come indoors and through windows. That’s why window coverings are so essentially important out here in the desert southwest. And of all the choices for window coverings, interior Plantation Shutters are the best. When it comes to having benefits like retarding temperature exchanges, controlling incoming light, ensuring privacy, allowing the most control of radiant heat, and contributing to the value of homes; blinds, shades, and drapes cannot compete.

What window coverings are best to deter summer heat? 

  • Interior plantation shutters work best at deterring summer heat. That is because they Stop direct incoming sunlight and have sections to direct it
  • Reduce radiant heat that destroys furniture, carpet, plants, and decor
  • Close tighter to stop drafts and prying eyes
  • Insulate against the loss of cool air and accordingly save money on utility bills
  • Create a dead air space between outdoor windows and indoor rooms
  • Are permanent installations that add elegance, style, and true monetary value.

Why are shutters from Best Buy Shutters better? 

Best Buy Shutters are better because they are made from the finest material available, PolyCel©. This proprietary substance outperforms wood, metal, and other composites when it comes to warping, fading, durability, and ease of cleaning. There is virtually no maintenance, and they are lightweight and the tightest closing you can get. Most importantly, they are manufactured right here in Las Vegas, so you get the best possible prices, no shoddy foreign workmanship, and no waiting for delayed deliveries. You can buy factories directly. Come to our design center and get the help of onsite consultants, see samples, and even tour the factory.

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