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Tax credit for energy efficient shutters

Everything costs more!

Tired of the constantly rising energy bills and trying to make ends meet? Everything keeps going up: groceries, gasoline, medicine, and there’s no end in sight.

Nevada Energy will suck you dry but solar can burn you!

Nevada Energy is constantly eating holes in you and even with all the publicity, home solar systems make absolutely no sense. The more you look at them the less you understand why financing and installing a solar $40,000 solar system with rooftop panels and all the maintenance and repair headaches makes sense when you will have to wait over 30 years to realize a break even point on what you’ll save on utilities! And the idea of renting solar is even more unsettling! What happens when you’re trying to sell your home and the similar unit down the street does not encumber prospects with an ongoing and additional payment?

Solar may be helpful, but it is surely not affordable for most households, and especially for seniors. The average senior citizen expects to stay in their home for around another ten years. The idea of getting buried in debt while working to downsize belongings and  and managelimited income is abhorrent.

There may be a better option for you!

Something that is–

  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • Adaptable
  • Low to no maintenance

Affordable, stylish plantation shutters save the day!

Placing eye-catching plantation shutters over windows adds elegance and significantly cuts energy costs. You see, shutters fit close to windows and add insulation by forming air pockets and dampening drafts. They put up another barrier to guard against heat transference. Shutting them tightly closes out incoming radiant heat and let’s your air conditioner work less. Get shutters and watch your energy consumption go down.

There are government programs that may help you.

With the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act making purchases in some categories of businesses allowed people to receive tax credits. Certain programs have been extended. This is helpful because it lowers the amount of income tax you will have to pay for the year you made the purchase.

The Federal government’s department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has programs for low income individuals and for businesses and individuals who purchase energy efficient and energy renewable products. You can check for your specific needs here Governementenergyprograms


Getting shutters is a win-win-win situation!

Win #1: affordably refresh your home for way less than a remodeling and add

lasting value

Win #2: insulate against harsh temperatures and reduce energy costs.

Win #3: make use of tax incentives.

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