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Keep Your House Warmer & Save Money on Heating With Plantation Shutters

Mother Nature has finally released her summer stranglehold on us! This year was typical with the first 100-degree day occurring Monday, May 31st. We usually heat up the third week of May and stay warm until about the third week of October.

So, for now, consider summer done and look for cold weather to set in shortly. While overnight temperatures are dipping into the lower 60s for now and the average low in September is 71 degrees, next month finds us at 59.

The colder months yield average lows as follows:

Month         Degrees

October                59

November             46

December             39

January                39

February               41

March                   49

During winter, we can get low temperatures in the teens. On January 8, 1963, we set a record low of 8-degrees. What will this winter be? No one knows for sure, but the Farmer’s Almanac forecasts cooler than normal temps with a couple substantial storms in January.

Plan now to stay warm this winter

Plummeting thermometers translate into turned up thermostats at home and at work. When heaters run, dollars burn. Battling the cold costs you more and more every year. Did you know up to twenty-five percent of your home’s heat loss escapes through the windows. Glass transfers cold. Putting a barrier between windows and your home’s interior gives you an ally in the battle to keep energy bills low, living spaces warm, and you there’s a way to add a decorative enhancement at the same time.

Consider Plantation Shutters from Best Buy Shutters

Shutters effectively fight cold climates because they offer thermal insulation, controlled entry of light and radiant heat, and disrupt the flow of cold interior air currents that emanate off bare windows.

Plantation Shutters keep your house warm

You insulate your walls, your attics, and crawl spaces. Today’s windows are double paned and manufactured with air pockets and quality insulation. Nonetheless those portals to the outside world are cold holes. Fill them with trendy shutters.

Quality shutters are denser and thicker than shades or curtains. They are better barriers against the cold.

While glass and metal draw cold in, wooden shutters or ones made with our proprietary High-Tech PolyCel®are more effective at retaining heat. They have inherently good and superior insulative properties. Did you know that properly constructed and installed Plantation Shutters reduce heat loss up to 50%?

Besides cutting the cold, shutters offer other benefits

Shutters add style and make a statement of luxury in homes. They are substantial additions that upgrade the appearance and the concept of quality. A home with shutters stands out against one with shades or curtains.

Shutters can be designed to match any décor. Whether you prefer Mediterranean, Tuscan, or Modern styling, shutters accent or blend in to match.

Shutters protect your furniture, belongings, and valuables by shielding them from heat, cold, and sight. And they offer terrific sound deadening to keep traffic sounds and noisy neighbors at bay.

Shutters give you complete control of light and airflow. Moderate them to match your mood and needs. Shutters give you ultimate adaptability in both winter and summer climates. They keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So, you save money on both ways: on heating and on cooling.

Shutters are best for safety and privacy. You adjust them to see out or to see in as you see fit. Because shutters can be installed in a variety of ways you ensure the visibility you prefer. Shutters can be mounted inside the window frame, flush to it, or as an inward extension of it.

Shutters are high quality and low maintenance. A light dusting keeps them looking great for years. They’re sturdy so you won’t be bothered by bent blinds, dangerous dangling cords, or dust catching curtains. Shutters never go out of style and they are one of the most sought after fashion accessories for today’s southern Nevada homeowners.

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