In a town that’s world famous for gambling, conventions, and entertainment, we do not get the credit we so richly deserve for other things. Things like the cutting edge, one-of-a-kind businesses located here. Hidden gems in the desert. Hiding in plain sight off the Strip and away from the bright lights. Gems that diversify and build our economy.

Best Buy Shutters is such a gem. It is the area’s only local shutter manufacturing company. Shutters are typically made overseas and then shipped in. Materials, reliability, and actual delivery times are highly suspect. No worries with Best Buy Shutters. You are dealing with an in-town, family owned and operated company with over 42 years of experience and 25,000 satisfied customers.

Don’t wait weeks for shutters. Don’t pay extra for shipping. Don’t sacrifice quality and service. Get the highest quality shutters for home, office, or business from Best Buy Shutters. And get them as fast and inexpensively as humanly possible.

Local is better

You see when you shop and order from Best Buy Shutters, everything gets done locally right here in town by some of the best people in the industry. That’s right, they have a state-of-the-art factory just feet away from a full-service showroom where you can start off with design tips, samples, and selections. If you prefer, we’ll gladly come to you. You are in good hands from the moment you pick out designs, right up until when they are manufactured and mounted over your windows.

You will not be stuck waiting extra days or weeks for delivery. You won’t worry about shipping delays that seem to happen every time you order something online or from out of town. And you will not pay those additional shipping costs that always get passed along.

Best Buy Shutters has southern Nevada’s only locally owned and operated shutter manufacturing company. Their state-of-the-art plant is huge, with over 35,000 square feet of space. Located at the corner of Decatur and Valley View it employs over 35 area residents. Their family ownership is proud to contribute jobs and diversity to the area’s economy.

You get stellar service from a longstanding local company

Local ownership and operation of your shutter company means you have complete control and involvement. From the moment they take the measurements of your windows and doors, to the selection of your designs, to manufacturing and installation, you can be as involved as much as needed. And in the unlikely event of a rare error, everyone you could possibly want to deal with to get it corrected is right down the street. Problem solving is easy.

Best Prices with financing available

Price check at Best Buy Shutters and be pleasantly surprised. You see, there are no middlemen involved so there is no markup. You are buying directly from the manufacturer.

Think you’ll get a better deal at a big box store? Think again. Their low quality, cheap products have no one standing behind them. Ever try to get a problem solved at one of those companies, especially when it involved one of their outside contracted installers? You know what I’m talking about then.

Additionally, we can finance you if you like.

Quality shutters

Once you have selected your favorite design and made your choice, manufacturing is literally only a few feet away. Best Buy shutter’s manufacturing facility is truly a sight to behold. It’s massive! There are tons of quality raw materials stored on site, so they are readily available. Your order gets filled quickly.

Every shutter is made from solid poly, not cheap veneer, composite, or particle board. Dozens and dozens of workstations are strategically floor-planned for efficient workflow.  As the material rolls in each slat is individually cut down from 12-foot stock. Great care is taken to avoid shredding along the cut lines. Remember back when you were a kid in junior high shop class and how those old saw blades would tear up the ends of wood? None of that happens at Best Buy Shutters because we use the sharpest steel blades and the finest grade poly in the industry.  In fact, our poly is custom crafted for us and trademarked under the name High-Tech PolyCel®.

Once cut, specialized machinery hole punches the ends of each slat. Nylon fittings that are spec’d within microns are then inserted in each end. Frames are angle cut and mitered together. Various parts are hung on specialty racks and danced through throughout the plant and toward the assembly area. This is where it all comes together. Hinges are affixed.

My favorite room is the “arch room.” Alarge, well-lit elevated table sits in the center. It is here that arches and custom patterns are plotted, measured, precisely cut, and built. Your carefully crafted shutters are quality checked every step of the way.

World class capacity and proprietary trade secrets

Best Buy Shutters has covered windows bigger than sixteen feet! They have the engineering and designer know-how to get things done. In fact, this Vegas based company is a leading innovator. It has developed proprietary and secretive ways to do things that are totally new to the industry. Never underestimate the extreme talent available right outside your door here in Las Vegas! Building, transporting, and mounting large shutter projects intimidates lots of other shutter companies. They often underestimate the bulk and weight involved. And when they already struggle to make, move, and handle big shutters, you can imagine how badly they bungle the reinforced mounting often required.  Best Buy Shutters’ specialized skills are unparalleled.

Machine maintenance and repair is never ignored

With hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in the business, upkeep and care of machinery is absolutely essential. A fully qualified electrical engineer oversees maintenance, lubrication, and repair. Machines are cleaned daily, and blades are sharpened and changed out often.

Support companies that support the community

When you purchase at Best Buy Shutters, you are supporting a company that creates over 35 jobs and brings money and stimulus to our economy, instead of sending it out of town or overseas.

Talking about jobs, if you or someone you know wants to work at a place where skills and dedication are appreciated, apply at Best Buy Shutters. It’s a place where family and values are still cherished. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

It’s about Main Street, not Wall Street

Best Buy shutters cares about Main Street, not Wall Street. We all live and work on Main Street, USA. Your purse and your wallet mean more than the big fat bonuses and executive privileges that get doled out at the box corporations. Our kids go to school where your kids go. We shop for groceries down the road just like you. We care about you because we are going to see you again.

Save time. Save money. Save yourself from worry and stress. No company is faster, easier, and more economical than Best Buy Shutters USA!