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Top 6 Different Interior Window Treatment Shutters and Designs

Top 6 Different Interior Window Treatment Shutters and Designs - Image
August 15, 2022

When you’re thinking about updating or refreshing your home, please know that design consultants often recommend trying window shutters. In many homes windows involve one of the largest square footage areas, second only to walls & ceilings. So, giving window coverings attention can make a huge difference in the appearance and feeling of rooms and the home overall. 

Las Vegas homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to use blinds on their windows. Blinds are relatively functional for light and privacy and are inexpensive. Yet we all agree that they are dust traps, painfully hard to clean well, easily damaged, and about as attractive as a potato sack dress.

When you want to make a refreshing statement and update your home consider one or more of the following interior shutter designs suggestions.

1 Plantation Shutters

These are probably the most popular choices for southern Nevadans looking to update their homes. Plantation shutters are enhanced visible elements that people can see from the street. So, before someone even enters your home, they’re already forming indelible first impressions. Once inside, plantation shutters resonate a more upscale note that says, “We invest in our home.” These shutters are durable, low to no maintenance, excellent at insulating against heat loss or cold transference, and perfect for light and privacy control.

2 Single panel louvered shutters

These are basically what they say: a single louver of thinner slats, boxed together around the edges to form one uni-shutter. They offer some limited slat adjustment to control heat and light and give windows the louvered appearance of plantation shutters but without the multiple panels and higher adjust ability. They’re a cheaper and limited option for plantation shutters.

3 Paneled shutters

Rather than having adjustable slats like plantation shutters or even single panel louvered shutters, paneled shutters feature solid light blocking sections. They are preferred for when we want to keep rooms as dark as possible. They are like light switches. When they are closed the light is off and when they are thrown wide open the light flows in and is on. Consider these a good choice for rooms that do not get a lot of use and remain mostly static, like maybe a sewing room.

4 Alternate material shutters

These shutters might be made of rustic wooden panels, fabric battens, metal, or even eccentric plastics. Imaginative people who walk on the wild side of life will construct shutters out of the most unimaginable things. Shutters like these are usually based on a theme. It might be a movie like Jurassic Park, sci-fi, drama, or adventure. It might be a country, tropical Polynesian, or European. They might be affixed beside a window or fully hinged to fold and flex over it.

5 Custom crafted frames

The two most noticeable elements of shutters are the panels, whether they’re louvred or solid, and the frames. Frames offer almost unlimited opportunities for creativity. Think of them like the molding picture frames are made of for artwork you’d hang on the wall.  Some of those same treatments can be applied to window frames.

 Frames can be beaded, grooved, layered, checkered, and marked by various tools. The way frames box the panels can be modified as well, meaning panels could have a shallow or deep inset. 

6 Painting or staining shutters

Of course, depending upon the construction materials used in their making, some shutters can be painted or stained. Wood is easily painted, but PVC, poly carbonates, metal, or fiberglass are bear cats to deal with. Manufacturers who mass produce non-wooden shutters have recently begun to offer more and more varieties of stock colors to choose from.

Check out more interior shutter design ideas by getting a free, no obligation consultation from your hometown Best Buy Shutters expert interior designer. Our consultants have been in thousands and thousands of homes and have years of unprecedented experience. No one is better credentialed. 

They will gather samples, catalogs, and online examples and come to your home, office, or local coffee shop to help you thoroughly visualize different looks. 

Best Buy Shutters is locally owned and operated and the shutters are manufactured locally. That means you get the fastest, most conscientious service available from people you can reach when and where you want to.

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