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January 16, 2021

When you decide it is time for new window treatments, you need ones that not only fit your taste and style but your lifestyle as well. You need treatments that are easily maintainable, long-lasting, and strong- and you do not, and should not, want to settle for anything less. Plantation Shutters are a popular choice in window coverings as they modernize any and every space with a fresh new feel. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they are also very durable and last for years. They add an incredible new structure to the room while providing light and privacy control. We all know that time flies, but with these favored treatments up on your windows, your rooms feel and look timeless. 

Although there are many different window treatment options, do not feel overwhelmed. Best Buy Shutters is here to help. We assist all those in the Las Vegas area looking for quality window treatments. Our unmatched level of skills paired with our 25 years of experience makes us your window treatment experts. We’ve got everything you need from shades, blinds, and shutters, to design consultants, installers, and free services. When you are searching for Plantation Shutters near you, look no further than our local shutter factory, where we produce the best products. Contact us when you reach the decision to swap out your old treatments for something new and we’ll get you started with a complimentary in-home design consultation. 

Choosing The Right Material

You have full design control when you shop with us. Our shutter selection features different materials that include wood, vinyl, composite, and our very own High Tech PolyCel®. Each material has its own unique features that’ll play with the vibe of the room. Wood shutters provide an earthy-feel with their ability to bring nature indoors. Vinyl shutters work perfectly in high humidity areas or those that have moisture, like the kitchen or bathroom, as they won’t warp or get easily damaged. Tandem to vinyl, is composite, which is also referred to as faux-wood. Composite shutters are very sturdy and a great alternative to real wood. Our favorite material, however, is our High Tech Poly Cel®. Made nowhere else by no one else, it’s truly our one-of-a-kind product. The benefits are endless when you choose High Tech Poly Cel® Shutters. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect: 

  • Solid cellular structure 
  • Superior impact strength 
  • Thermal energy efficiency reduces solar heat and blocks up 99% of the sun’s powerful UV rays 
  • Micro smooth finish that never needs a paint touch-up 
  • Dust resistance 
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • One of the easiest materials to clean
  • Easy operation
  • Compliments almost every interior design

Our High Tech Poly Cel® Shutters are made to withstand the Las Vegas climate. It is a great choice that provides you with a long-term investment as well. At Best Buy Shutters, we custom build your shutters with the material of your choice and get them up in no time. 

For Your Business Or Home 

The best thing about Plantation Shutters is they are suitable for any home or business. When there are superior shutters up in your home, every room feels revamped and refreshed. The areas instantly become modern, and your neighbors start inquiring about your new look. They work wonderfully in every room.

  • Make a good impression when you have shutters in common areas such as your living room and kitchen. It’s elegant, yet cozy. The feeling is magnetic and your guests’ eyes won’t miss what you have done.
  • In damp areas or in those rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, like bathrooms, our High Tech Poly Cel® Shutters are your best candidate. The material is strong enough to withstand humid conditions without getting damaged. You also get to control the amount of light and privacy you desire. Easily keep peeping Toms out!
  • When more intimacy and relaxation are desired, shutters provide everything you need to unwind. Darken the room and have a good night’s rest when you close the louvers and shut them tightly. Then in the morning, let the sunlight shine in and brighten the area when you open them up. 

Experience the same functionality by installing beautiful shutters in any business or commercial space- that includes office areas, restaurants, hotels, and any business window you want to be dressed up. They are extremely versatile and become part of the decor. But there is more to enjoy than just easy decorating. Business and commercial spaces need simple sophistication to match their minimalist or maximalist personalities. Aside from their eye-catching appeal, other reasons you should consider our High Tech Poly Cel® Shutters for your professional space include:

  • Long lifespan
  • Effortless cleaning
  • No discoloration, fading, chipping
  • Enhanced sound buffering
  • Blocking out up to 30% more noise

Whether you’ve got them up in residential, business, or commercial areas, shutters are up to stay until you decide otherwise. Let our shutters give your area the makeover it deserves. It is a win-win all around.

Custom Plantation Shutters

Everyone wants Plantation Shutters because they are one of the better options in window treatments. However, adding shutters to your home also adds value. Each window gets custom-fit, so the treatments sit perfectly over windows and your windows only. With precision and tailoring, your home receives shutters made exclusively for it. You choose the style, the materials, and the area you want them in, and we handle the rest. We produce and customize treatments for every “hole in the wall.”

Aside from window shutters, we have additional products to suit your doors. Check out our French Door Shutters and our Sliding Shutter Doors. Both are custom-made from our High Tech Poly Cel® material and are extremely durable, featuring total ease of use.

  • Our French Door Shutters last as long as your French Doors. They are designed with multifaceted control for privacy, light, and sound. Not to forget they are also energy efficient, so no inside air escapes out and no outside air sneaks in. 
  • Our innovative Bi-Pass Sliding Door is special. The bottom glide system of the Bi-Pass Sliding Door keeps the shutter panels together as well as the shutters, which are installed directly onto your door frame. Our Sliding Shutter Doors provide you with a full view while keeping privacy as an option. They have superior impact strength and are also scratch-resistant.

Plantation Shutter Installers Near Me

Your long-awaited search is over because now you know about the local shutter experts, Best Buy Shutters. With our factory based in Las Vegas, we make it easy for you to get new treatments up on your windows in no time. We all want the most beautiful window coverings, but we don’t steal someone else’s idea and prefer to show our own style by creating and customizing home, commercial, business, or office spaces. Best Buy Shutters is with you every step of the way. Turn to us when you have questions or concerns. Each of our shutters is custom-built for every type of window, so you are ensured to get the best in style and exclusivity. Get in touch with us and ask about our free services because there is a lot for you to indulge in, including free installation. We design, measure, and install your new shutters with no upcharges and extra hidden fees.

To freshen up your windows, give us a call at (702) 710-3004.

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Financing Available

Financing Available

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