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Plantation Shutters and Custom Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation Shutters and Custom Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors - Image
June 17, 2022

We all agree one’s home is their castle.

When it comes to back doors, a lot of the homes in southern Nevada seem to have either sliding or French doors. 

Can Plantation Shutters be used on sliding glass doors? Homeowners intuitively assume that Plantation Shutters work on French doors but sliding glass doors cause confusion. A common question at Best Buy Shutters is, “Can I put plantation style shutters on my sliding glass doors?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Plantation shutters can absolutely be installed over sliding glass doors.

With French doors Shutters are mounted directly on them. The shutters piggyback and ride along with every move the doors make. Quality shutters for French doors allow you to open and swing them away from the doors themselves so you can easily clean the glass or retrieve small stray objects.

Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors.

In the case of sliding doors, instead of bolting directly on the doors as with French doors (which by the way adds weight), sliding doors require a build out around them. We will affix a nice, boxed framework to the walls and place shutters over the doors. You can select bi-fold shutters or accordion type sliding shutters. You might consider bypass shutters which feature a secure floor plate. Or you can have swing out interior shutters. Talk to your Best Buy Shutter’s consultant for up to the minute advice about what is popular and works best for your situation.

Shutters over sliding doors and bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors are a timeless look. They’re kid-proof and pet friendly because there are no dangling cords. Best Buy Shutters don’t fade, crack, or warp. They’re sleek, clutter-free, easy to clean and long lasting. They are great insulators that block the sun and keep the cool cool and the hot hot better than any other window or door treatments.

Smart homeowners love the way plantation shutters over sliding doors keeps decorative integrity intact. Now everything matches to the rest of the shutters in the house. There’s uniformity and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Shutters add rich and luxurious “cabinetry” to otherwise industrial looking doors. The millwork creates elegance, warmth, and luxury.

Plantation shutters are the stylish choice

One of the most popular home improvement items for southern Nevada homeowners are bi-fold shutters over sliding glass doors, especially the ones from Best Buy Shutters because they close the tightest. People love the way they look.

Like high-end custom closets, plantation shutters stay with the houses, making them better, and adding lasting value. Homeowners enjoy the fully finished and fine look.

Track plantation shutters for sliding glass doors are easy to clean and the best solution for controlling incoming light and temperature

Homeowners love how easy it is to clean them. Just dust or occasionally wipe them down with a slightly damp rag and you’re all done.

On top of that, owners never want to give up the ability to endlessly adjust them. Tilting the section-by-section slats allows the light and heat to flow in just so. Slightly moving the louvers gives you the finest control for light, privacy, and temperature.

Plantation shutters can be installed with the tilt rods visible and in the center, which is a traditional look. Or they can be mounted in “clear view” with the rods hidden in back to give a sleeker more contemporary look.

Stay away from cheap and troublesome DIY plantation shutters for sliding glass doors.

There is a love/hate relationship with vertical blinds. People love the cheap prices and the ability to select colors and textures, but they hate the cheap look, constant breakage, and flimsiness. Vertical blinds cover a lot of sliding doors around town, but most homeowners can’t stand them.  

They open side to side instead of up and down like the rest of their window coverings. Verticals blow in the wind, get tangled, drop off the prongs, and fall down. They are horrible at insulating and in fact tend to do more to create drafts because they direct air up and down the glass.

While they are economical, the general consensus about vertical blinds is to avoid them when possible! Anyone who has ever used them will attest to the aggravation of bent blinds, lousy durability, and the endless process of constantly replacing them. They’re flimsy and unattractive. They are glorified dust collectors, and worse yet, when moved they are noisy!

Cost of plantation shutters for sliding glass doors

The only thing cheaper and some say worse than blinds for sliding glass doors are those old school roller shades without the track system. When used these are mounted on the headers over the doors rather than directly on them. While shades can be raised and lowered to block light and establish privacy, there are no in-between settings to vary the light and available view. 

Think of shades like light switches that are either on or off and there’s no dimmer switch. They tear, fade, and the roller mechanisms are bound to fail sooner or later.

Rely on Best Buy Shutters

Best Buy Shutters are not only locally owned and operated; they do their manufacturing right here in town. No wondering and waiting for overseas backlogs.

Contact us today for your FREE in-home design consultation. We’ll bring samples to you so you can feel them and see how they actually look in your home. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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