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February 10, 2021

Your home deserves an upgrade, a fresh new look. Home renovations are expensive, but there are small things you can do around the house that’ll make your home look and feel revamped. Start with your windows and discount plantation shutters. New window treatments touch up your space and enhance the already existing decor. From shutters to blinds to shades, there are many different window treatments available. Each serves the same purpose but all have their own unique benefits and beauty.

When you are looking for affordable interior shutters in Las Vegas, look no further than Best Buy Shutters. Homeowners in the valley turn to us when they are ready to get their windows looking new again. Our discount plantation shutters are made locally and discounted to be affordable for anyone. Discounted shutters mean that your space is remodeled without the financial burden, so give your windows what they deserve: new window treatments.

Benefits of Shutters

Not only are wood window shutters absolutely stunning, but they are long-lasting. Shutters come with supreme strength and durability, allowing them to easily last for over 10 years. Time flies, but you won’t notice too much when your windows look timeless. 

Year after year, your new treatments continue to give your space the expensive look it deserves, without the high prices. Investing in discount shutters is the best thing you can do when you are looking to give your space a makeover.

Deciding to go with shutters over any other window treatment provides your windows with a newfound sense of luxury. All shutters from Best Buy Shutters are the highest quality and custom-made to fit your windows and your windows only. Unlike other treatments, shutters are built for their environment and once they are made for one window, they won’t fit anywhere else.

 The best part is they add value to your home and they are easy to clean. Since they are a permanent fixture, shutters stay with the space even after you depart it. New homeowners don’t have to worry about upgrading their windows and they won’t want to swap out the already installed treatments either.

Plantation Shutters 

Window coverings come in all shapes, materials, and finishes. From vinyl, wood, to composite, choosing the right shutters depends on your lifestyle and design taste, but a popular choice of shutters among homeowners are Plantation Shutters. 

With origins in ancient Greece, Plantation shutters were initially used for light control, protection, and ventilation. Decades later, it’s still used for its original purpose with a little more spice added. The name came from its ties to manors in huge plantations. Most of these manors had shutters covering their windows, thus the name that stuck, “Plantation Shutters.” 

The benefits of Plantation Shutters are endless, but those who have them, love them for a few reasons:

  • Light control

Bring in as little or as much light you need for the room. Flip the louvers open and let the light shine through or close them tightly for complete darkness. 

  • Privacy 

With light control comes privacy control. When the shutters are closed, there is no looking in or out. Keep your privacy secured when you need it most.

  • Energy saver 

Plantation shutters save you money by being energy efficient. Keep the outside air out and the inside air in as it acts as your personal weather barrier. 

Hardwood Shutters 

Give your space the timeless beauty it deserves with Hardwood Shutters. Hardwood Shutters bring in a sense of warmth and coziness as it is made from real wood materials. Different stain options give these shutters unique finishes as each enhances the wood. Homeowners love choosing Hardwood Shutters for their high-end shine without the ridiculous prices. 

Hardwood Shutters are versatile and there are many advantages of having them up in your space. Here are a few reasons why people love having them:

  • Low maintenance

Hardwood shutters are fairly easy to maintain. Since hardwood does not collect static electricity like other materials, it does not collect nearly as much dust or lint. The cleaning time is split in half.

  • Long-lasting

Think of Hardwood Shutters as a custom-built wood piece for your home because that is exactly what it is and your custom wood piece lasts for decades. Enjoy your new window treatments for years to come.

  • Refurbish options

When years go by and you start getting tired of seeing the same old window treatments up in your home, paint your shutters and give them a new refreshing look. Paint on a vibrant color to throw personality and creativity into your space, or go with the classic white and modernize your new elegant space. 

  • Lightweight

Although not as light as composite or vinyl, Hardwood Shutters span long distances without sagging and warping. Its strength to weight ratio makes it one of the strongest window treatments out there. 

Best Buy Shutters

As your local shutter experts, we help you find your perfect fit. Whether you decide to go with Plantation Shutters or Hardwood Shutters, we’ve got discount shutters available for all around the Las Vegas Valley. It’s affordable shutters that you won’t find anywhere else, not to forget about the many free services we have available as well.

A free in-home design consultation is waiting for you. To schedule, give us a call at (702) 710-3004. 

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Financing Available

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