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Shutters Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

You're hearing a lot about Carbon Footprint nowadays, but what exactly is Carbon Footprint and how do shutters and window coverings from Best Buy shutters help you and planet Earth? In general, Carbon Footprint it is a calculation that tracks how much environmental oxygen is converted into carbon dioxide gas or CO2. Some of it occurs naturally in the environment. For example, after mammals breathe in air, they breathe out a waste mixture containing much higher amounts of carbon dioxide. [...]

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Best Buy Shutters Complete Design Studio Services

Complete design studio services are yours at Best Buy Shutters. Our expert consultants match, coordinate, and fit shutters to any décor, ranging from traditional to super modern, avantgarde, or even experimental. Nothing is too farfetched. And little if anything is unfamiliar. Here are some popular styles from which to choose Art Deco Asian Zen Bohemian Coastal Eclectic European Farmhouse French Country Glam Industrial Mediterranean Mid-Century Modern Minimalist Modern Modern Farmhouse Rustic Scandinavian Shabby Chic Southwestern Traditional Transitional Contemporary And [...]

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How To Clean Shutters And Blinds

As warmer weather starts rolling in, summer is on the horizon, which means it’s time to do some spring cleaning. However, you do not need to wait for spring to clean your window treatments. Think of it this way, the more you maintain your shutters and blinds, the longer their beauty shines in your space.  Cleaning shutters and blinds varies based on their materials. Do not clean real wood materials the same way as vinyl because you risk damaging them. [...]

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The Difference Between Shutters and Blinds

Shopping for new window treatments takes hours and sometimes days or even weeks. Deciding on the best choice to fit decor and needs is justifiably time-consuming. There’s a lot to choose from- Plantation shutters, real wood blinds, vertical blinds, blackout shades- just to name a few, and when you haven’t shopped for window treatments before, you probably won’t ’know the differences between them. Besides their physical appearance, each window treatment has its own unique benefits and Best Buy Shutters is [...]

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When the temperatures drop in the winter, most of us can’t wait until it gets warmer again. Those who love the summer season, love the beautiful weather that goes along with it. But summer in Las Vegas comes with extremely high temperatures and residents try not to stay outside for too long or else they’ll bake.  The desert heat is no joke. If you aren’t chilling poolside, you probably stay cooped up indoors. Keeping all your doors and windows shut [...]

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