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Best Shutters to Keep Your House Cool

Best Shutters to Keep Your House Cool - Image
March 8, 2021

With Summer approaching warmer weather and higher temperatures are quickly following behind. Keeping summer heat out seems like a no-brainer, but are you and your windows really ready to face the heat? 

If there is nothing covering your windows, heat seeps through the glass and into your home or office like a blowtorch. And of course, uncovered windows open you to the gawkers and stalkers of the world. There is no privacy! Seems like a bigger deal than controlling the amount of light flooding in, but read on.

Since warmer seasons are on the way, start thinking now about ways to keep your house cooler, especially when we’re looking at triple digit temperatures up ahead. Desert living can be unfriendly. Investing in window treatments like shades, blinds, or shutters, accomplishes a lot more than most people think.

Best Buy Shutters is the right place to go when you are ready to squelch the heat, stop wandering eyes, add a fresh style or new look to commercial or residential properties.  Consider this. Our local factory is the only place producing exclusive HighTech PolyCel® Shutters. Our professional team of experts ensures we are the one-stop shop when you are ready to upgrade window dressings. We are equipped with the biggest and best selection of window treatment choices.  Las Vegas Valley and Southern Utah rely on Best Buy Shutter for all their window covering needs. 

Interior Window Shutters

Shutters are favorite choices for window treatments by homeowners around the valley. Unlike sister treatments such as shades and blinds, shutters are considered a “hard-window treatment” because they’re made of hard materials. Now, that’s a real “duh moment,” huh. You see blinds and shades have a softer composition. Shutters have louvers that help control light and add that wanted layer of privacy. They’re extremely durable and outlast most other window treatments. Besides they look great while doing so.  Shutters easy on the eyes, and ours are easy on your pocketbook too.

Shutter Advantages

Shutters offer unique advantages like:

  • Adding value to your home
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Ease of operation
  • Ventilation
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Full control privacy 
  • Full light control 
  • Durability
  • Long lifespan

Shutters come in different materials and finishes. They are customizable to fit windows like a glove. Select a style you like best from the many offered and transform your place into something new and beautiful. Old tired spaces come alive and look like a new renovation. That’s the magic of working with Best Buy Shutters.  

Interior Wood Shutters 

Adding a custom piece of wood might be exactly what your room needs. Wooden furniture is obscenely expensive, so why not consider interior wood shutters? Come to us to turn custom interior wood shutters into the perfect solution. A custom wood piece that doesn’t take up too much space or mismatch like a table or armoire might. Made with premium quality wooden materials, interior wood shutters provide a natural and earthy feel. They add a sense of warmth and coziness.

Not to worry about wood conducting a lot of heat into your home. It has natural insulating properties. When up on windows it protects the inside well, regulating temperature with coolness in summer and warmth in winter. Wood shutters do a phenomenal job at blocking out the sun’s powerful radiation. Sleeping in on weekends will never feel so refreshing.

Interior wood shutters fit windows like gloves when you choose the right company and the best designs. Obviously, they’re perfect for standard sized windows, but they can be exclusively tailored to match an amazing range of customized and odd-shaped windows as well. You’d be surprised how every window, whether large or small and awkward for hard-to-reach can be done in wood to become a showpiece. Flaunt your new shutters and have them up for everyone to admire.

Interior Wood Shutter Benefits

While admired for beauty, interior wood shutters have a nice list of true benefits.

  • Classic and timeless charm
  • Added texture to the room
  • Added home value 
  • Longevity, easily over 15 years 
  • Wide assortment of stains, colors, and finishes
  • Energy-efficiency 
  • UV protection 
  • Low maintenance
  • Full privacy and light control 
  • Customizable for any sized window

Door Shutters 

Deciding on what to do about covering windows in doors can be challenging. Most people want to keep a consistent theme or look throughout the home or office. And the question arises about how that works out with shutters? The good news is shutters work on doors too, and very nicely, thank you. You can keep continuity of appearance across all the glass.

Best Buy Shutters offers two types of door shutters: French Door Shutters and Sliding Shutter Doors.

  • French Door Shutters are manufactured to last as long as your French doors themselves. They are made of the most resilient and durable materials available, our High-Tech PolyCel®. They provide light control, privacy, soundproofing, and energy-efficiency. These shutters stay secured on French doors even as they are opened and closed, no matter how often.
  • Sliding Shutter Doors are stylish, durable, and easy to operate. Ours are custom built using High-Tech PolyCel® and installed directly to the door frame. Our Bi-Pass Sliding Door has a bottom glide system that keeps shutter panels together while smoothly operating. Frequent in and out traffic through sliding doors isn’t a problem when shuttered with the right system and best materials at a price too good to pass up.

Having new, quality treatments on windows and doors gives you ultimate control over light, privacy, and temperature. When the summer’s heat starts sneaking in, shutters make it simple for you to manage the indoors. With shutters on your windows and doors, your house stays cool when you want it and warm when you need it. The choice is up to you.

Virtual Consultation

Don’t wait until the weather is too hot to handle.  Get your windows and doors ready for the summer season. Heck, you can even cut some slack for your HVAC unit this year by investing now in new window treatments. Shutters are popular choices for homeowners who want to revamp space and get useful benefits along with it.

When you are ready to keep your cool or get your hot on, contact Best Buy Shutters.

Call us for a virtual consultation at (702) 710-3004 and we’ll discuss your specific needs to find the best window treatment option for you.

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Financing Available

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