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Las Vegas Interior Shades

Las Vegas Interior Shades - Image
February 24, 2021

Your windows deserve to be looked at, to be admired. Windows are essentially a giant hole in your wall covered with a layer of glass. These massive holes invite natural light in with a sense of vulnerability, especially when nothing is dressing them. Most all homes come with windows, despite the outside environmental factors, yet many homeowners don’t give their windows a second thought. They don’t think about the different window treatments their space would benefit from, but Best Buy Shutters does. We’re always thinking about your windows and the steps you can take to protect, upgrade, and style them and the best step to do so is with new window treatments.


Interior shades are not indoor sunglasses. They are valuable and fashionable ways to upgrade your windows. There are different types of window shades, some are automatically operated and others manually operated, but essentially they are all composed of one continuous roll of fabric or other materials to cover your entire window. Shades are considered a soft window treatment due to their solid one piece fabric construction rather than the typical shutter and blind material like wood, composite, or vinyl. With a variety of fabric styles, colors, and designs available, shades are an optimal choice for window treatments.

Shades Keep Your House Cooler

Anything that keeps your home cool during the summer’s heat becomes a lifesaver. The Las Vegas desert experiences high temperatures during summer months and residents do everything they can to beat the heat, including swapping out window treatments. Clever use of window coverings reduces heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, something that many homeowners struggle to economically achieve.


Maintain comfortable temperatures in your home with window shades. Shades are simple, yet extremely effective. Not only do they keep your home cool in the summer, they reduce energy loss as well. Shades have greater insulation when mounted closest to the window when their heat blocking abilities increase. Medium colored styles to blackout styles easily block out the most sunlight while staying energy efficient, which in turn lowers your electrical bills.

With automatic window shades, you can control even your highest most hard-to-reach windows whether in home or office. When you need to keep the place cool, lower your shades with a click of the button, or when you are looking to let in warmth and sunlight, click the button again to lift the shades back up.

Roman Shades

With roots in Ancient Greece, Roman Shades are not only a popular shade style but a popular choice in window treatments in general. Roman Shades came a long way from

Their beginning in Rome. Rome was famous for using fabric coverings to protect spectators in the Coliseum from the sun’s searing heat. Soon, homes around Rome adopted the same techniques the Coliseum and window treatments as we know them today first came into being. .

Although we’ve evolved from the ropes and pulleys Roman Shades once knew, we still utilize them the same way for light and privacy control now. However, they are also used to fine tune the mood and feel of rooms whether for decorating  or facility usage. They add drama and elegance to any and every space while keeping it functionally modern, something that many residents of the valley desire.

Roman Shades hang downwards against windows and fold up neatly into horizontal layers when raised. There are different types of Roman Shades which are classified by their fold type:

  • Standard Flat Fold appears flat when the shade is fully lowered. When raised, the fabric bunches up in neat folds offering a contemporary look.
  • Plain Fold shows its folds when the shade is lowered. It is a bit heavier in weight than the Standard Flat Fold, but its crisp simplicity adds texture to the space.
  • Soft Fold maintains a straight edge bottom with rounder and softer folds throughout the entire shade. It appears voluminous when raised and its curved folds emerge when the shade is lowered.
  • European Fold excludes the rod sewn into the bottom of the shade, a rod that all other folds are made with. European Fold drapes naturally bunch on the bottom into a series of soft curved smile like puffs ceating a softer, more relaxed feel.

Cellular Shades

Also known as “Honeycomb Shades,” cellular shades provide a minimalistic, yet sophisticated look and feel. They can either roll up or fold up along their pleats and provide great insulation from their honeycomb-shaped cells. A layer of insulation is created between your windows and the room’s temperature by row after row, pocket by pocket construction. It creates a nice design feature while maximizing insulating capacity. Styles offer you the choice between one pocket or two pocket designs.

  • Single-cell cellular shades are composed of one air pocket. Because there is only one insulation layer in them they are commonly used in moderate environments.
  • Double cell cellular shades have two air pockets with a higher level of insulation. They are particularly made for very hot or cold environments to save on heating/cooling costs.

There are varieties of colors, fabrics, light control, and pleat options available for cellular shades. Opacity refers to the amount of light transmitted through the shade material. Cellular shades come in four opacities so you can have a range of them up on every window throughout your home. Select between sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, opaque, and blackout shades.

  • Sheer provides maximum natural light and little to no privacy. Since it is sheer, those on the outside can easily look in just as you on the inside can see out. They provide a sense of softness, grace, and elegance.
  • Semi-sheer creates gentle light filtering, but is similar to sheer in the way that privacy is not really secure. They are slightly darker than sheer.
  • Semi-opaque has a medium-light filter that works to darken the room. Although your view will be restricted, your space won’t be totally dark since light still shines through. It is great when you want privacy without total darkness.
  • Opaque is made for room-darkening. Opaque fabric does not block out all lightning; light dwindles in through the side gaps. When you want natural light, opaque shades must be raised as little to no light shines through them.
  • Blackout blocks out all light into the room while providing ultimate privacy from the outside world. It is the ultimate window darkening treatment.

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Shutters, shades, and blinds are popular window treatment choices among residents in the greater Las Vegas valley. People turn to us when they are ready to swap out the old for something new. Our extensive collection of window shades make it simple for you to find what you are looking for and if you aren’t sure, we’re here to help. Contact us when you are ready to upgrade your windows.

A list of free services and a complimentary in-home design consultation is waiting for you. Call (702) 710-3004 today to schedule.

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