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Elevate your living and office spaces with beautiful new window blinds. Considered a “hard” window treatment, blinds work great when it comes to covering those holes in your wall known as windows. The beauty of blinds starts with the style, creative privacy, and ability to select the natural light coming into each room. Each slat allows you to add or take away as you like. Blinds are highly functional and look terrific.

With the largest selection of blinds in Las Vegas, Best Buy Shutters makes it easy to find the perfect fit. Choosing new window coverings is simple at Best Buy Shutters. Just tell us your style and vision and we’ll take care of everything. We’re with you every step of the way, starting with our Blinds Guide. Learn about different types and advantages, then we’ll help you decide what you want, not based upon what we have to sell, but based upon your needs.



Venetian blinds feature horizontal slats attached by strings and/or tape. They are made from a variety of different materials, such as aluminum, wood, or plastic, and they come in different slat sizes. Each slat is threaded through with cords and when the blinds are raised, they press upon each other for a compact look that opens and exposes your entire window. They are versatile and simple to operate, making them a popular choice for window treatments.

Great for any size window, these blinds are easy to maintain and allow for full light and privacy control. Terrific for any space you want to enhance with natural light, Venetian blinds are the way to go. Light flows into your office, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You’ll even save energy by not turning the lights on nearly as often. When you desire privacy, close the blinds and the slats shut tightly. Stay cozy, peaceful, and as relaxed as you please.

Take care of your coverings properly and they’ll last for decades! Venetian blinds are exceptionally durable and you’ll find them still up in your home for years to come. They are trouble-free, relatively easy to clean, and their uniformed looks of elegance never get old.


Similar to Venetian blinds, Mini blinds work the same way. However, the slats are about half the width of standard blinds or only about an inch deep. They are usually made from aluminum. Asa more lightweight treatment, they are favored for residential and business uses because their light weight can extend then over longer expanses of glass.

Don’t let the thinness fool you, mini blinds still offer maximum light and privacy control and are low maintenance. Decorating is a piece of cake as these treatments come in colors and styles that pair well with any theme and room design. With a clean finish, mini blinds are long-lived. Under normal usage they won’t crack, fade, or incur damage. However, if your kids are rambunctious or you have a furry family member who likes to paw at windows and doors, you might consider other options, as these blinds will bend and crimp.

There is a smaller version of Mini blinds called Micro blinds. Micro blinds are even thinner than Minis. They have slats about a half-inch deep, so roughly half the depth of Minis. The interesting thing is that thinner slats tend to close tighter so you’ll really be able to lock down privacy. These are an excellent choice for small windows that do not have much depth.




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