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winterized windows las vegas

How to Winterize Your Windows and Shutters in Las Vegas

Our recent cold snap is a brisk reminder about how critical window coverings and plantation shutters are for keeping your home warm and cozy. These “holes” in our insulated walls are pathways for frigid open air trying to pry its way in and for internal heat seeking escape into the

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Best buy shutters window layering example

Correctly Layering Interior Window Treatments

When it comes to layering window treatments in your home or upscale office, you want style to meet art and create a seamless palate that flows and ties every room together. Whether you’re updating an existing home or creating new surroundings, here’s some priceless tips to help you correctly layer

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best buy interior shutters

Will Plantation Shutters Ever Go Out of Style?

Plantation shutters are a window treatment that has been around for centuries.  While the use of shutters dates back in time well before the Greeks and Romans, plantation shutters are usually estimated to have been invented around 800 BC.  Though their popularity has waxed and waned over the years, they

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noise blocking shutters

Best Window Treatments to Block Out Las Vegas Noise

When we think about window treatments, their light and noise blocking features likely are what initially come to mind. Many people may not even consider noise-blocking capabilities. Noises outside your home pose a major problem by interrupting peace, enjoyment, or a good night’s sleep. Plantation shutters absorb sound to create

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privacy window coverings

Window Treatments for Privacy and How to Choose the Best

Privacy in window treatments is a significant concern for most people. Window treatments are a focal point of your interior design plan. They are the inward and outward portals to your home. The options are seemingly limitless when you look into ready-made and custom selections. Beyond pure aesthetics, it is

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