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With over 25 years in Las Vegas​, we have an unmatched level of skill & Experience. We are the exclusive manufacturer of the most energy-efficient, durable, and tightest closing SHUTTER in the industry!

  • The most comprehensive selection of SHUTTERS
  • 100% made in our Las Vegas Factory
  • Energy-efficient SHUTTERS with excellent Insulation

  • Save over 25% on sliding glass doors

  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty from a manufacturer with a lifetime of experience

  • Low Maintenance and easy to clean with our exclusive micro smooth finish

  • Strong  and durable structure

  • Specialty shapes made: Any Size - Any Shape

  • We are the factory and have the best pricing

Custom Sliding Doors

Sliding doors give you a full view and privacy/Plantation SHUTTERS give sliding doors everything you could want from a window treatment - stylish look, durability and total ease of use. We custom build our solid SHUTTERS and install them directly onto your door frame. They will last as long as the doors themselves. If you have frequent traffic in and out of your sliding doors, SHUTTERS are a perfect choice. Our innovative Bi-Pass sliding door also has a bottom glide system that keeps the shutter panels together. Our High-Tech PolyCel® sliding doors have superior impact strength and are scratch-resistant.


If you need new window coverings, it's easy to see why more people are choosing BEST BUY SHUTTERS for their custom indoor SHUTTERS. BEST BUY SHUTTERS provide custom looks and a completely custom design and fit to match your perfect look.  Combined with longevity, durability and an unmatched aesthetic, providing not just great matching looks but optimal energy efficiency, superior light control, privacy control, and a lifetime warranty. 


Our custom designed and built window and door treatment solutions will ensure that whatever your design aesthetic, we will exceed your expectations for designing rooms that create perfect flow and harmony. Elegant, carefree and green. BEST BUY SHUTTERS will design the perfect custom look to take your home to the next level and complete the look and feel that you desire. 

Beauty to Complete Your Perfect Look

No matter what your project is from simple, complicated or even extravagant, we will design and install SHUTTERS that are stunning, energy-efficient and versatile. Your BEST BUY SHUTTERS will be stunning and, durable, for a lifetime. 


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