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7 Big Reasons to Upgrade Your Blinds or Shades

The majority of tract homes and even some custom builds in southern Nevada still have blinds and shades installed in them. At first, people usually defer to these two window coverings or treatments because they are relatively cheap and give some heat insulation and privacy. But are they preferred? Hardly!

The nicest upgrade homeowners are making is adding new plantation shutters to their windows. Here are 7 Big Reasons Why!

  1. Shutters add style, grace, and elegance to homes. Walk into any home with interior shutters and a statement is made. “We care about our home, and we care what you think of it!” Shutters are an obvious step up from blinds and shades. They are crafted, sturdy, permanent installations. They are often designed to conform to or enhance the furniture and décor of the home. There are lots of choices to make in regard to the styling of them. Things such as flat or sculpted framework, thick or thin slats, hidden or obvious adjustment rods, sectionalized or one unified area of louvers, flat and flushed mounting vs boxed in.
  2. Because plantation shutters are furniture-crafted and professionally installed, they add a lot of permanent value to homes. It is not unusual for real estate evaluators to add $75 to $175 for each window covered by shutters. And when your home is in a competitive selection process for a potential buyer, its shuttered windows will win the war of perception for quality over houses with only blinds or shades. So, after years of enjoyment, should you ever sell, you get a sweet little cash bump as well.
  3. Shutters are durable and safe for kids and pets. We’ve all seen Venetian blinds in living rooms that have been bent and destroyed by excited pets or battered beyond belief in children’s playrooms and bedrooms. Shutters stand up much better to the challenges of daily life and use. And they are much safer than blinds or shades because there never were cords and sharp edges to trap and cut unsuspecting victims. Want things that last and don’t bend or tear? Get shutters.
  4. When compared to blinds or shades, shutters handily outperform them in providing good heat insulation and reducing drafts. Because shutters are made from heat retarding composites, like Best Buy Shutters’ proprietary Polycel©, their insulation factors are far superior to any other products available. And nothing cuts down on drafts like shutters. Because you can choose to mount them flush or box in around the windows, once closed tightly, they provide real air deadening. And when you get the tightest closing shutters in the industry from Best Buy Shutters, you’ll know that you have done all that you can.
  5. Shutters provide privacy and keep the prying eyes of passersby at bay. You won’t have to worry about strangers peering into your home anymore. And depending upon how you choose to sectionalize the louvers you have installed; you can arrange to still see outside when you want to. Also, the additional sound insulation provided by shutters gives you better privacy to ensure sounds inside your home don’t get outside. Nothing worse than nosy neighbors knowing your business.
  6. Shutters offer more and better control of incoming light and radiant heat than any other products available on the market. When it’s cool and cloudy, you can open them and welcome them in the warmth. And when it’s a searing 110-degree day, you can close them up tightly and baton down the hatches as best you can.
  7. Best of all, shutters are easy to clean and maintain. Occasional dusting is usually all they need. Just run a vacuum with the brush attachment over them, or dust them with a light cloth and they are as good as new. As for maintenance, little, if anything ever needs to be done. Shutters do not warp, fade, or bend, so you don’t have to oil, seal, paint, or maintain them in any way.

The better-made domestic shutters last as long as their houses. And because Best Buy Shutters are manufactured and crafted right here in our very own Las Vegas factory, you never have to worry about shoddy workmanship. And you never have to pay for shipping or wait for delayed delivery.

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