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Window Treatments for Privacy and How to Choose the Best

Privacy in window treatments is a significant concern for most people.

Window treatments are a focal point of your interior design plan. They are the inward and outward portals to your home. The options are seemingly limitless when you look into ready-made and custom selections. Beyond pure aesthetics, it is important to consider things from a utilitarian perspective. Ultimately, you want to go with what is both visually pleasing and doing the best job.  This overview of the major choices will help you narrow down how you wish to proceed.
Window finishes come in wide varieties such as frosted glass, window filming, and glass alternatives.

The benefits of using frosted glass or a window film are that they help protect art and furnishings from fading due to direct exposure to the sun, plus they allow light in while still providing a certain amount of privacy. You can also fully or partially cover a window with frost or film. That means you control how much, if any, of the view you wish to retain for each window. Stained, etched, and stenciled glass offer an endless array of ways to add style and to adjust the privacy level for your personal preferences.

From the interior plantation shutters and/or exterior, screens and shutters make a striking impression. They certainly can augment your privacy and some fabrications can even double as security measures. Shutters tend to give a more traditional look, but there are modern versions. Whichever style speaks to you, shutters do give you the ability to tailor the light coming into your home as well as increasing privacy. Screens can be purely functional or also bring an artistic element to your space. Aluminum, iron, plastic, and wood are among the most popular materials for screens. A lot depends on how much coverage you seek. You may not want heavy-duty coverage, so it’s up to you to decide what best suits your needs.

Shades to gain more privacy

They are making a strong comeback these days with all the latest advances in UV light-filtering and fabrics. Given the range of opacities, window shades work well in any number of settings. Whether you’re looking for a little more privacy or  actual blackout style roller shades so you can sleep in total darkness, there’s a shade that is right for you. Style-wise, roman shades can be store-bought or designed for you with a custom graphic.

They can have bold patterns or be neutrals that blend right into your overall decor. The privacy you gain from semi-sheer shades is increased when they are paired with tall plants that help to obscure the view into your home. That way, the look can remain light and airy without it feeling too open to passersby. Neutral fabrics and woven materials are sleek and on a trend.

Window Curtains to protect Privacy 

We can’t forget about the most tried, true, and common window coverings of all: curtains. Your choice of blackout curtains is central to your interior decor. Of course, they also block light and provide privacy. The possibilities are endless. Virtually any material can be used to make them. Depending on the thickness, curtains can create an open and airy space, a quiet and dark space, or anything in between. Think about how that room will be used and the type of atmosphere you want to achieve. If you’re undecided on colors, keep in mind that silver gray curtains are a reliable go-to for adding privacy without making a room appear smaller.

Have fun in this process. Window treatments are your home’s connection to the outside world. Your decor choices reflect your personality. This is YOUR house, and you should feel at ease in your surroundings. Play around with non-traditional ideas for adorning your windows. Artwork can be hung across window panes. That gives the pieces back lighting while obscuring the visibility from the outside in. Incorporate plants in multiple ways. A lovely herb garden could fill in a kitchen window. Hanging planters are decorative and functional and beautifully add coverage. Lush window boxes are another layer of privacy on the exterior and they have curb appeal too. Be strategic in your selections. Ask the experts. The right window treatments play a huge part in creating the home environment of your dreams. Enjoy the view!