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Composite vs Real Wood Plantation Window Shutters

What is the best material for plantation windows shutters?

Real wood shutters and vinyl shutters

Originally developed to cut down on wind and drafts and to thwart rain and snow. At first they were crude, solid wooden boards affixed to the outside of homes. Sturdier than hides and woven fabric, the evolution of wooden shutters continued and artisans soon realized that constructing them in a series of tilted slats accomplished the same barrier capabilities for insulating but allowed some visibility to the outside. By the Middle Ages, trendier homes had begun moving the shutters inside window frames so they were easier to access.

Spring forward to the mid twenty-first century. World War II has ended. America is enjoying the halcyon days of economic world leadership, rapid suburban growth, and fulfilling every middle-class family’s dream of owning their own home. One of the unintended consequences of the recent war was the unparalleled and rapid growth of new products and improvements in older ones.

Detergent, microwave ovens, super glue, jet engines, and nuclear weapons. Plastic had been invented in 1907 and the first patent and commercial application came in 1909 under the name “Bakelite.” Bakelite is a play on the name of its inventor, Leo Baekeland. The stuff was sturdy and non conductive to electricity, but kind of brittle. It was used in kitchen appliances, electronics, and even firearms. After World War II chemical engineers went into hyper drive and immensely improved plastics and a new area we commonly call composites.


Polycel Composite Shutters 

In the simplest definition, composites are products that result from combining two or more distinct and different materials which results in better performance or outcomes than could be singularly provided by each alone. Think of it as 1+1+3. You get something much better by mixing two wonderful ingredients together. In fact the newly created product becomes so much better that they often have patents placed on them.Best Buy indoor and outdoor shutters Using patented Composite PolyCel© Shutters. This patented composite is used in our exclusive, tightest closing, and highest performing plantation shutters, rolling shutters and window coverings. 

Real Wood Plantation Shutters

You see, wood is nice. It is warm, familiar, and natural. But it pales in performance and durability when compared to modern composite plantation shutters. 

Modern day woods, even when they have been specifically chosen for their individual durability and characteristics, and even though they have been treated and laminated, remain prone to warping, splintering, and fading. Wooden slats are susceptible to damage by the harsh heat and searing sunlight of southern Nevada. Wooden shutters that look marvelous when installed will be faded remnants in just a few short years. 


When it comes to wood and composite shutters, there is no comparison.

Composite beats wood shutters:

  • Sturdiness- able to span long lengths without the dipping and warping like wood and past wood exterior window shutters
  • Durability- able to endure punishing heat, direct unblinking sunlight, and cold
  • Color neutrality- able to blend in with all décor
  • Retention of functionality- while wood window shutters loosen and eventually loses its grip on hardware, composites always keep it in place
  • Easy cleaning- no need to oil or moisturize vinyl composite shutters, just dust or occasionally wipe down with a damp rag.


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