Las Vegas Homes All Look Alike

Tract homes and housing developments across Southern Nevada look an awful lot alike. Tile roofs, stucco exteriors, postage stamp rock yards with cinderblock walls between them, row after row; neighborhood after neighborhood for as far as the eye can see.

Make your House Look Different

Nevertheless, you can make your home stand out in both curb appeal and interior ambience! Your home can be delightfully different. You can do it affordably, relatively quickly, and with no big disruption to your homelife. Construction crews won’t tear things up for a long time and make a lot of dust and noise.  The solution?  Simply install Plantation Shutters.

Adding Plantation Shutters is an economical way to upgrade and update your home without doing a major renovation or replacing furniture or redecorating. And not only do they add a nice touch to the inside of your home, but you can see them from the outside at the street too.

Plantation Shutters Do More

Plantation shutters add elements of style, glamor, and elegance to any home. Whether you choose to install them flush against the wall, box them out around your windows, or picture frame them; shutters always make a statement.  People notice them when they walk into your house.

  • They insulate so they lower heating and cooling bills while conserving the planet and reducing greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint.
  • They ensure privacy and add to security.
  • Shutters also block noise more effectively.
  • Plantation Shutters allow you to control incoming light and heat in a way superior to that of blinds and shades.
  • Don’t forget they can cover almost any shape and style of windows.

And most importantly, shutters increase home value.

Plantation Shutters Are Permanent Fixtures

Plantation shutters increase the value of homes. That’s because they are permanent fixtures. When people move out, they may be tempted to take blinds, shades, and drapes with them; however, it’s highly unlikely they’ll take shutters.

Plantation Shutters Are Tie Breakers

When people walk into two empty and barren homes: one hung with blinds and the other with plantation shutters, it never fails that folks prefer the home with shutters.  Plantation shutters give homes a more secure and snug feeling. That’s because they are more secure and snug. Especially the ones crafted by Best Buy Shutters. Ongoing research and improvements make Best Buy Shutters the tightest closing shutters you can get in the business.

Plantation Shutters Add to your Home’s Appraised Value

At the lowest end of the spectrum the typical home appraiser credits a shutter cover over each window at a value of $175. Custom crafted louvers or shutters on higher arched or circular windows add even more value. The average two-story, three-bedroom house in the greater Las Vegas area has 12 windows. So, you can figure at the very least Plantation Shutters add about $2,000 of value. Should a unit have glass doors or perhaps French doors on the master bedroom or out to the patio, you can easily add another $500 – $600 each, making the total value between $3,000 and $4,000. That’s a nice little investment in your home that makes a significant difference in the living quality.

Customization Adds Value

Now, if you’re designing custom Plantation Shutters for your home, there are a lot of things that will increase value that you can take into consideration: plantation shutters cost, materials used in construction, slat sizes, custom colors, high gloss or matte finishes, hidden rods as opposed to the ones typically visible on the front of louvers, framing accents, and ancillary hardware. Most credible shutter companies offer samples. Here at Best Buy Shutters, we’ll have our design consultants schedule a convenient in-home appointment and bring samples of every sort to you for FREE.

Best Buy Shutters Is Your Best Choice

We’re convinced that you will find our high value, low maintenance Plantation Shutters a terrific choice for holding up in our hot desert climate and searing direct sunlight. And you’ll find they work nicely even in humid areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Shutters outlast blinds and shades, and if you ever have an issue with our shutters, we manufacture and are located right here in Las Vegas. You can always reach us. Best Buy Shutters, your best choice for Plantation Shutters!