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What makes plantation shutters the best style choice for 2022?

Now that the pandemic is moving into rear view and after months of being at home, you\’ve discovered the true meaning behind the old saying that your home is your castle. You found a new respect and appreciation for the gorgeous home you spent so many years building. And you have come to realize that in your previous life you spent too little precious time enjoying being there.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Your home is comfortable and familiar. When you walk in the door, it never fails to feel like sliding on a favorite pair of slippers right after walking across a cool tile floor. But as you look around and take everything in you can’t help but think it looks dated. A remodel would be nice! Yet you love the floorplan. The furniture is fine. You adored it when you bought it and it’s still terrific. The kitchen is really workable. Everything has a well-established place and even with the lights out you could push out a passable breakfast of bacon and eggs, toast, and hashbrowns. So, what is one to do?

A familiar question with an easy solution

You’re not alone. Through the years neighborhood after neighborhood sprawled outwardly across the Vegas Valley.  Broad chunks of real estate were bought up and developed. Schools sprung up in the middle of “desert no-wheres” and residential plots got laid out nearby. Today those same neighborhoods have aged, and they are toppling like dominoes, one after another, into the same quandary. People are wondering how to freshen their beloved homes.

The answer is affordable, easy, and stylish! Add Plantation Shutters! Let me tell you why!

You get to keep important things the same but make the things bothering you better! Better because YOU

  • Choose from a wide selection of materials, colors, and styles. Best Buy Shutters makes your shutters from wood or better yet, our high tech PolyCel®. This environmentally conscientious material saves trees, preserves oxygen on the planet, and reduces carbon foot printing, while offering years of maintenance free durability.
  • Make a style statement with affordable luxury. Compared to bare windows, drapes, or other window coverings, Plantation Shutters are absolutely elegant. You make the decision whether to mount them flush to windows, boxed out, or inset. You get the look you want.
  • Get the tightest closing, best constructed shutters from Best Buy Shutters. Keep the light and heat out or place it exactly where you want it. Plantation shutters work better than blinds, better than shades, better than anything you can get.
  • Insulate and reduce your electric or gas bill. Shutters create air gaps between windows and rooms. These act as barriers to both escaping and incoming temperature changes. You don’t just cut down on drafts; you conserve energy which saves money.
  • Improve privacy. You have probably noticed more vagrants and shall we say undesirable types wandering neighborhoods all over greater Las Vegas. Back in the day, vagrants use to stay just north of downtown on Las Vegas Boulevard or east of the El Cortez on Fremont Street. Now they’re all over the area. Doesn’t matter if you live in Henderson, Summerlin, or Boulder City.  When you have kids, family, or bad past experiences, the last thing you want is for riffraff to easily look into your home.
  • Plantation shutters make a home tight, secure, and more valuable. Realtors will tell you, with all things being equal, buyers and renters prefer homes with shutters.


Plantation shutters are the ultimate interior feature to give unity and tie décor together throughout your house, to add security and privacy, and to drop utility bills while adding value.


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