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Learn How Commercial Plantation Shutters Can Save Businesses Money and The Earth

Save your Business Money with Commercial Plantation Shutters

Your business means the world to you. You live and breathe it day and night. You started it to do things better than anyone else and to control your own destiny. We feel you! Because we’re in the same boat! We know you’re conscientious and concerned about leaving a mark on the world, making it better than you found it. One area we’re dedicated to is reducing the Carbon Footprint.


As you probably know, there’s a big push afoot in America to electrify the automotive industry. Folks are convinced moving into electric vehicles reduces carbon pollution. While there’s some debate, our research has found that burning one gallon of fuel in an internal combustion engine creates almost 20 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution! Who would have thought? Seems air actually weighs quite a bit, and the resulting burn-off from vehicle engines is significant. The average driver does 15,000 miles per year which yield about 15,000 pounds of carbon pollution. Yep, about a pound per mile driven.


Now whatever the debate about electric vehicles and how their energy is produced versus fossil fuel engines, one thing almost everyone agrees upon is that covering windows conserves energy used for heating and cooling. And we know with certainty that putting plantation shutters over the windows of your business and commercial spaces significantly reduces your Carbon Footprint.


Here’s how that works:

· Commercial Plantation shutters have superior insulating properties versus uncovered windows. Rooms stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which means your power bill goes down.

· Our Shutters allow you to directly control incoming light. Reducing sunlight drops the accumulating radiant heat in rooms, and of course, limiting it keeps things cooler.

· They have the added benefit of blocking prying eyes and keeping valuables out of the line of sight, secure from passing opportunists.


Nothing worse than some screwball peering in and spying on a tv, computer, or valuable product attractively sitting out in plain view. Reducing the Carbon Footprint at your commercial building or offices is something we can work together on. It’s very likely that you are concerned about pollution and the environment. For example, after mammals breathe in air, they breathe out a waste mixture containing much higher amounts of carbon dioxide. Most of life on earth seems to do that, take in oxygen, whether through lungs or gills, and breathe out carbon dioxide.


Scientists attribute 54,000 pounds of carbon emissions to each person in the United States. This is an aggregate number that is derived by adding together our direct personal use and the pollution created by the industries making products and services we use. It accounts for electricity and power, transportation, and as previously mentioned, industry.


Best Buy Shutters is dedicated to reducing Carbon Footprint one home and one business at a time.


We manufacture our plantation shutters right here in Las Vegas using proprietary High-Tech PolyCel® material. We do not import shutters in containers from overseas! Did you know the average container ship burns 63,000 gallons of fuel per day?! Releasing that many pounds of air pollution! And it takes 25 days to get a ship from Asia to the west coast. That’s over 1,500,000 million pounds of pollution for just one ship traveling one way one time! Talk about pollution! There are 90,000 container ships worldwide and countless trucks, planes, and trains! Shipping is the biggest polluting activity in the world. No wonder smart people prefer getting American-made products! And with Best Buy Shutters, you do one better getting them made right down the street from where you do business!


Check this out. Putting our preferred shutters in the typical 2,000-square-foot, three-bedroom house in Las Vegas guarantees a reduction in the 10,500 kilowatt hours of power it uses each year. Did you know that 4½ tons of carbon results from producing that much house power? Commercial plantation shutters are estimated to reduce that number by as much as a full ton. Now think about the number of square feet in your commercial facility and consider the number of windows you have. What is the positive impact of shuttering them?


Putting up shutters saves electricity. And when you save electricity you, of course, save money, and you help save the planet.


Making a difference does not have to be loud, wild, and showy. Sometimes the best and longest-lasting positive impacts come quietly, creeping up on us like soft and silent cat feet. Most people don’t think about the positive impact of shutters, but we’d like you to seriously consider it. Call or contact us anytime, 24 hours a day. We’re standing by to give you details, concise information, free consultation, and the most competitive pricing in the region. In fact, if your offices are more upscale, our highly trained and experienced interior designers will come to your location free of charge with samples and design ideas. Frankly, even if your facility is industrial, we’ll bring the same level of expertise out to you!


Best Buy Shutters shares your concerns for preserving and bettering Spaceship Earth!