Complete design studio services are yours at Best Buy Shutters. Our expert consultants match, coordinate, and fit shutters to any décor, ranging from traditional to super modern, avantgarde, or even experimental.

Nothing is too farfetched. And little if anything is unfamiliar.

Here are some popular styles from which to choose

  • Art Deco
  • Asian Zen
  • Bohemian
  • Coastal
  • Eclectic
  • European
  • Farmhouse
  • French Country
  • Glam
  • Industrial
  • Mediterranean
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Scandinavian
  • Shabby Chic
  • Southwestern
  • Traditional
  • Transitional Contemporary

And of course, one-of-a-kind concepts are encouraged and accommodated!

Best Buy Shutters knows that features and options matter. So, while white is today’s most commonly preferred color for shutters in Las Vegas and throughout the entire western United States, we offer 2 distinct tones as options for white. One is sure to satisfy discerning clients who look for the best in window coverings.

  • Bright White” (cream tone/off white)
  • “Snow White” (pure/bright white) – This one is most popular.

We know subtleties matter. And louver size is certainly such a concern for most home and business owners. We carry two options:

  • 3 ½” width – tends to be the selection for people wanting a more traditional look
  • 4 ½” width – tends to be the selection for people leaning toward a more contemporary or modern look

Here are more exclusive features specifically designed with you in mind. And because we make our window coverings right here in Las Vegas at our state-of-the-art factory, you are in complete control. You get exactly what you want.

Tilt rods:

You know, those narrow vertical bars that allow you to set the space between slats.

When it comes to tilt rods, we give you a couple terrific ones to choose from.

  • Traditional tilt rods – front, centered in the middle
  • Clearview tilt rods, also called Invisible tilt – tends to be the preferred selection for people wanting a contemporary/modern look. In this case the tilt rods are on the back of the louvers and hidden out of sight over to the side.


Of course, shutter louvers have to be held up and in place. Best Buy Shutters offers appealing options.

“Z” Frames – also known as Inside Mount or Picture Frames

If you cut across the frame material like you might slice crosswise on an imported salami, you will see it is shaped like the letter “z,” and so the name. “Z” frames are preferred because they render a cleaner fit and reduce light bleeding in from the sides. They fit into the recess of the window and have decorative molding that wraps around it and creates a custom picture frame look. A look that is decorative yet flat. BEST BUY SHUTTERS features 3 “Z” Frame sizes.

  • Large “Z” frame – This is the most popular
    • 3” wide
    • Decorative profile – works for many design aesthetics: traditional, transitional, contemporary, Bohemian, farmhouse, eclectic, modern farmhouse, Shabby Chic, Coastal, Glam, southwestern, rustic, French Country, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Art Deco, Asian Zen, European
  • Medium “Z” frame
    • Approximately 2 ½” inches in width, they are slightly smaller than the Large “Z” frame
    • Decorative profile is different than the Large “Z”
  • Flat “Z” frame
  • Approximately 1 ½”-2” wide, this choice is the narrowest
  • Tends to be popular with customers looking for a super modern or minimalist look. Fits in well with designs like Modern, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, and Minimalist
  • Outside mount – This frame creates a box frame that mounts to the wall on the outside of the existing window frame.  This frame is preferred by those wanting a more intrusive or substantial look. It may be necessary beyond its aesthetic appeal.
  • Approximately 2” wide
  • The profile seen when looking down the length of the wall is simple and decorative

Divider Rails:

Rails separate sections of shutters and allow users more ways to control light and privacy.

  • Divider rails separate louvers on the shutter panel and, for example, allow for closed louvers on the bottom portion of the panel for privacy while allowing for more natural light and viewing by leaving the top louver section tilted open.
  • Divider rails can be customized along the traditional front-middle tilt bars
  • Half split
  • ¾ split
  • ⅔ split
  • Clearview splits may be done as well.
  • The “Clearview split” is incorporated when the tilt bar is hidden and to the side of the louvers on the backside of the shutter panel.
  • Split the louvers between the top half and the bottom half. This allows the top louvers to tilt separately from the bottom louvers.
  • You get privacy on the bottom half and incoming light on the top half.
  • No divider rail is needed so there is no obstruction of view through the shutter panel.

Your Home for the best in window covering designs and options:

Best Buy Shutters continues to be southern Nevada’s number one choice. Everyone relies on us for design consultancy, options, and “insider tips.” Come in today, or contact us and we will gladly come and see you.