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The Difference Between Shutters and Blinds

Shopping for new window treatments takes hours and sometimes days or even weeks. Deciding on the best choice to fit decor and needs is justifiably time-consuming. There’s a lot to choose from- Plantation shutters, real wood blinds, vertical blinds, blackout shades- just to name a few, and when you haven’t shopped for window treatments before, you probably won’t ’know the differences between them. Besides their physical appearance, each window treatment has its own unique benefits and Best Buy Shutters is here to help you distinguish the difference between popular choices like blinds or shutters.

Don’t let our name fool you. We are not just shutter manufacturers. We also carry the largest selection of blinds and shades as well. Residents throughout Las Vegas turn to us when they are looking for quality treatments for homes, offices, or businesses. We walk them through every step of the process. In the beginning, we educate people about the differences between blinds and shutters.

Las Vegas Shutters

Shutters are solid, sturdy, and strong. Classified as a hard window treatment, shutters are made from thick and durable materials like vinyl, real wood, and the Best Buy Shutter exclusive, High-Tech Polycel®.

Shutters work similarly to Venetian blinds with their horizontal slats. The slats are commonly controlled by a rod that can be rotated and the shutter panels are able to open and swing out like a door. They provide excellent insulation during any season of the year and allow for full light and privacy control.

These window covers are made for your windows only. They are permanent fixtures cut and customized to fit your windows. They are mounted directly to window frames. Since they become a permanent fixture in homes, they can’t be moved from place to place, but on the bright side, they add to the home’s assessed value.

Additional reasons people love shutters:

  • Long-lasting (lasts over 10 years)
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for any interior design/existing style
  • Available in a wide range of materials and finishes
  • Full light control
  • Full privacy control
  • Durability for pets and children
  • No loose or hanging cords or chains

Las Vegas Blinds

Also considered a hard window treatment, blinds are a timeless choice. Blinds are made both vertically and horizontally and are available in many different styles and materials. Each material and style create a new ambiance in the room. For instance, real wood Venetian blinds bring nature, warmth, and coziness whereas vinyl mini blinds bring a refined, sophisticated feel.

Blinds are created with individual slats and are held together by cords running through each one of them, tying them all together to function as one. The different types of blinds include:

  • Cellular blinds
  • Mini blinds
  • Micro blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Venetian Blinds

Blinds look great in any space and their lightweight allows them to span long distances over even the widest windows. They are one of the more affordable window treatments and are definitely a bang for the buck This makes them a popular choice for rental properties and recreational vehicles (RVs). Blinds look beautiful for years and are fairly easy to maintain so they look nice for a long, long time.

Unlike shutters, blinds are not permanent fixtures, so they can be taken down and easily swapped out. Although they don’t add a lot of value to your home, blinds are loved because of:

  • Light control
  • Privacy control
  • Affordability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Suitability for any space
  • Horizontal and vertical slat options are available
  • Last 7-8 years


Shutters and Blinds in Las Vegas

Both window treatment options are wonderful choices, but ultimately it all depends on your lifestyle and your taste.

When you are ready to get new window treatments up, give Best Buy Shutters a call.

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