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BEST BUY SHUTTERS Top 5 Reasons to Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Windows.

Window treatments called Shutters, (sometimes Plantation Shutters) are an extremely popular design option, with many practical reasons for choosing these for your windows.  If you’re trying to decide between window treatments, such as shades, blinds, curtains, or shutters, here are our top 5 reasons to pick BEST BUY SHUTTERS.

1.) Energy efficiency! Bottom line is in the long ruin these will save you money! Shutters are sized to fit your windows precisely removing gaps. Therefore when you close them, they keep the house warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

2.) They are a timeless looking. Drapery needs to be changed out with seasons and changing interior design and can get quite expensive. Shutters look great for nearly forever.

3.) They add value to your home. Watch any of the home buying shows on TV? When people are buying homes they almost always comment on how great shutters look.

4.) The design of the individual slats allow greater control over light, privacy, heat and even cool air.

5.) BEST BUY SHUTTERS are extremely low maintenance. With an occasional dusting they look great for years. Soft moist cloth, that’s all it takes.

If you are looking for window treatments that are practical, beautiful, built to last and add value to your homes, BEST BUY SHUTTERS is the way to go. We are the ONLY manufacturer in Las Vegas and we make them custom to fit any shape window. We can easily even do unique shapes such as arches and octagons. Many homeowners choose

BEST BUY SHUTTERS because they are the perfect balance of design and function. For more information, or to get a complimentary in-home estimate, contact us.